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When you need some t-shirt artwork designers, you would definitely turn to Upwork Behance and such. Although it will work perfectly what if you need something unique, and original. Similarly, if you are an established brand looking for the world’s best artwork designers, this list is just for you.

Here are the top 10 renowned t-shirt artwork designers in the world:

01. Jeff Finley:

Instagram: @jeff_finley

Jeff is a creative artist, designer, author and musician. He is a passionate artist as well as a musician. Till now, it has started three music bands and has written a few successful books.

Moreover, he also hosts a podcast about its life and journey.

Additionally, his clients include Warner Bros Records, Sony Music, Adobe, Coca Cola, Nike etc.

02. Derek Deal:

Instagram: @derekdeal
Facebook: @derekdealart

Derek is a creative artist, and currently working as the Creative Director of Time Warner Inc. He is an accomplished illustrator and designs stunning artworks.

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In the same way, some of his clients include Time Warner, Time, Sony, People Magazine, Warner Music Group etc.

03. Frenden:

Twitter: @frenden

Frenden is an accomplished artwork creator and designer. He currently markets his set of 600+ brushes on his website and is the creator of his own desktop illustration software – Clip Studio Paint. However, he can be contacted at for design work.

04. Laurie Shipley:

Flickr: @laurieshipleydesign
Twitter: @LaurieShipley

Laurie is a freelance graphic designer, surface pattern designer and illustrator.

Likewise, he has his own store and creates artwork for apparel, packaging etc.

05. Killer Napkins:

Instagram: @killernapkins
Facebook: @KillerNapkinsArt

Jason is a creative artist with a passion to create unique designs by combining cute and horrific.

Likewise, he has his own store, where he sells his weird but unique artworks.

06. Corefolio:

Facebook: @corefoliodesign
Flickr: @corefolio

Corefolio is a recognizable artwork creator in the horror genre. Inspired by classic zombie and horror films, his distinctive style and gory details have created fame in the industry.

Moreover, he runs his own store and blog as well.

07. Ithew:

Facebook: @matthewskiff
Instagram: @thew

Ithew creates stunning color artwork, giving extensive attention to detail. The brand has its own store selling creative posters, patches etc.

Likewise, check out its website to learn more about the theme of the work Ithew has done.

08. Joe Carr:

Facebook: @AntiquatedPress

Joe a creative artist from LA. He likes to draw from pen and ink work to copper and paper. Moreover, his illustrations are inspired by culture and literature.

09. Lucky1988:


The designer goes by the name Luckly1988 in Flickr and creates amazing artwork and illustration. Find all his artwork here to find more about the designer’s taste in art.

Therefore, the only way to contact the designer is through mail-in Flickr. However, you have to admit, the designer has a pretty unique taste in art.

10. Geoff May:


Geoff is a freelance designer in the music and sports industries. He does a lot of merchandise designs.

He has impressive client lists such as Disney, Drake, Eminem, Imagine Dragons, Lil Wayne and many other international musicians and bands.

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