The Best Online Design Tool ever made.

Artificial Intelligence – AI

ImprintNext is the world’s first and only Online Designer App powered by Artificial Intelligence. It suggests the best designs and the most appropriate printing method depending on the order quantities and product choices. It intelligently recommends artwork and graphics best suited for a particular print method.

Augmented Reality

Here is the world’s first & only online designer with augmented reality. Users can add the QR code to the product with images or videos embedded as AR content. While scanning the QR code it displays the AR 3D models over the printed product.

Native app like Mobile Experience

Fast – Quick loading even with a sluggish network connection.
Reliable – Responds fast to user interactions with a flawless performance.
Engaging – Feels like a native mobile application When customers love to shop with you— More customer retention– More conversions

Realistic Virtual Samples

After customers make designs, our app generates a virtual catalog by placing these designs on each product in just 3 simple steps:

Upload/Create Designs > Preview Designs on all Products > Add to cart & Checkout.

With the technology we have in product customization, it is going to increase your online sales by 240% within the next couple of months.

3D Preview

Customers get a post-printing view of their designs on the product. The Design studio generates 3D preview of product material, fabrics, wrinkles, and stitches.

Large format options

Whether you offer custom signs or banners, Use our design studio as a Sign Design Tool. Users can order personalized signs from a predefined size set, or they can make their desired size personalized banners, too.

Laser Engrave Support

The designer tool has the right options for certain decoration processes like laser engraving, etching, embossing, debossing, which gives the true preview of the final engraved piece.

Team Jersey

Your customers will customize various parts of a jersey by adding designs, Signature, Number, and placeholders. Then with the player rooster, add the players’ name, number with respective shirt sizes. You can also add team name & logo, too.

Diecut Sticker options

The sticker designer allows your customers to make personalized stickers with available sticker contour shape options like diecut, circle, square, etc. They can also pick the sticker material and order multiple quantities from a list of paper and roll-up sheets.

Order Management

The dashboard in the admin back office displays an overview of all the orders and most used cliparts, designs, fonts, and more.

The enhanced order manager interface lets you track order details and download the print ready production files in PNG, SVG, PDF, EPS format into a hot folder.

1 APP > Many Tools

Any print process,Any product, the designer tool maximizes the value of each order. Not just an application, but a package of many: T-shirt design software, Sign design tool, Sticker designer app, Jersey designer tool, Promotional product customiser, screen printing software, and the list goes on.

Standard core features

Not just a design tool but a power packed bundle with all the standard editing tools to create beautiful designs swiftly and easily. Some featured highlights : Text, Image, background pattern, distress effect, templates (design ideas), etc. Checkout our core features for all the tools and options.

Hybrid 3D Configurator One interface to configure & customise a product.

Product configurator

Hybrid 3D Designer tool

The 3D hybrid designer (Configurator & Customiser) allows users to configure multiple parts of a product (example: Jersey, Shirt, Bike, Bags, Sofa, etc) in one interface.

Realtime 3D preview

For any product surface like plastic, steel, fabric, stone, wood, leather or paper, your customers can see in realistic 360 degree 3D preview of the final product in real time.

Coming Soon

Sales & Marketing Automation Outshine your customer’s expectations, Stay organised & never miss a chance to sell

Quotation & Proposals

No more manual email follow ups, and miss a deal. Manage all your quotations, proposals and invoices in one location.

Sales & Quotation Automation

Send quotes, get approval, send payment reminders, get paid, auto send invoice, email follow ups, convert to order, ALL-In-One centralised app.

No manual jobs, no paperwork. Automate the entire business process for each customer. For instance: Send automatic payment reminders to all customers. Quotations get automatically converted into orders after receiving a certain order amount.

Auto-assignment of orders to the next available agent/staff. Track and monitor payments for each customer.

Send & accept quotes

Customers can submit quotations and other requisites directly from your website. You can also send quotations from the backend.

Based on these quotations, the design tool suggests an appropriate print process with accurate pricing. Further, manage shipping, discount, and taxes as well.

Custom sales pipeline

Custom workflow and sales pipeline to manage all your quotations and proposals. Stay organised and faultless by monitoring every activity from order to delivery in one page.

No email mess, never miss a deal. Make happy customers.

Email campaigns

Create custom email templates. Send promotions/discounts and updates through email campaigns to your customers.

Coming Soon

Production Management The automated production process to stay organised

Production Workflow

Create custom production workflows for different printing processes, such as : artwork approval, art separation, make screens, printing, packaging, ready to be picked, etc.

Auto assign job-cards to Agents

A new or pending job will be auto-assigned to agents based on their workload and availability. You can also manually assign or re-assign a job.

Monitor the productivity of your agents.

Track production status

Monitor all the ongoing jobs based on activity view, kanban card view and calendar view (day, week, month).

Track the production progress and get alerts on overdue orders. Rush order option incase of immediate delivery to customer.

User Communication

Notify delayed orders to customers with custom email templates. Customers get automatic email updates on production status like order processing, printing started, order picked up, etc.

Artwork approval

Get artworks approved from customers, before processing an order.

Manage all customer communications & activities and get an entire artwork history in an organized timeline view.

Production Automation

Get accurate production time estimates based on the order quantity, printing process, and other production factors. Update customers accordingly, never miss a deadline, make happy customers for life.

Live Purchase Order

The automatically created purchase orders are sent to product vendors (suppliers) through API.

When the blank product arrives, the job card is immediately created to begin the production cycle.

2X online sales with the design studio of ImprintNext. Razvan