Back Office Management with ERP and CRM

Manage and configure your online designer tool, sales, quotations, proposals, invoices, orders, production jobs, and more with ImprintNext’s powerful backoffice management system.

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Product Management

made easy with ImprintNext

Product Management app

Supplier Catalog Integration

Import products from multiple supplier catalogs such as Sanmar, S&S Activewear, Alphabroder, etc without manually uploading products in your shopping cart.

Imprintnext’s Product Catalog

Access products of different kind from ImprintNext’s product catalog and make them available in your eCommerce store. Save time in configuring the products.

Product Configuration

Set multiple decoration areas of any size and shape. Assign decoration methods to designated decoration areas. Enable bleed marks with crop mark & safe zones. Set custom multiple product images for decorating in designer tool. Enable 3D preview with custom preview settings in the designer tool.

Price matrix

Custom price rule for specific product variants (color, size, etc). Set quantity based tier price discounts.

3D Product Configurator

Allow to configure different parts of the product such as sublimation jersey.

Variable decoration area

For signage, stickers, banners, enable custom decoration area to offer products of any dimension.

Decorated products

Create and sell decorated products with design templates. Users can edit the design and purchase.

Dynamic Decoration Techniques

for every decoration industry.

Dynamic Decoration Techniques with Designer Tool

Designer tool settings

Control the behavior and functionality of the designer tool based on different decoration processes.

Link products with print methods

Link the products, group of products or product categories to multiple decoration methods.

Flexible dynamic pricing rules.

Dynamic price matrix table with Price per color, Screen , Setup cost, Price per design area, print area price, Price per letter, Price per stitch count, and more.

100% price accuracy

Be it a single order or bulk order, add the decoration surcharge accurately for different decoration processes.

Link products with designs

A design made for t-shirts is not appropriate for a face mask. Link the designs with relevant products, not with all the products.

Link print method with designs

A single color design is more suitable for screenprint rather than DTG. Link the designs with relevant decoration methods.

Fonts Artworks Designs

to get started and sell.

Unlimited designs, fonts, artwork, colors, shapes

Unlimited designs

The package comes with 5000+ ready to use vector designs. Load more artworks into the designer tool, and there are no limits to how many of those you want to add.

Unlimited fonts, colors, shapes, etc

Imprintnext’s designer tool is loaded with predefined fonts, color palette, shapers, background patterns, image masks. Load more assets if you want.

Link to print method and products

Link the designs, fonts, etc to relevant decoration methods and relevant products or product categories.

ImprintNext design gallery

Our dedicated graphic designers create unique designs that you can import to your library.

Sales & marketing Automation

Quotation, Invoices, Proposals

Sales & Marketing automation

Quotations and proposals

Create quotations and proposals and send to your customers. Track the status and followup in one centralized ERP of our sales automation module.


Invoices will be sent once the quotations are approved by your customers. in the kanban view, track the total amount and due and see the details.

Payment reminder

Our AI tools send automated followup emails to your customers to receive payments.

AI driven customer communication

Communicate with your customer on every step from creating a quotation to receiving payments.

Custom workflow

Define your custom workflow to manage the sales process as per your requirement.


Duplicate a quotation, save to draft, create quotation from previous orders.

Order Management

to get started and sell.

Order management software

Print ready CMYK production files

ImprintNext’s product design tool generates CMYK print ready production files in 3 formats such as PDF, SVG, PNG.

Work order slip and packaging slip

Our production management software generated work order slip and packaging slips.

Order information and Hot folder

The orders come with all the details required to print and fulfill the order such as: decoration area details, artwork dimension, colors used in the design, product information, shipping and billing details, payment details, order notes.

Artwork Approval

To avoid returns, we provide artwork approval tool by using which you can communicate with your customers and get the artworks approved. You can notify agents with internal notes and comments.

Purchase order

Convert the orders to purchase orders and manage the PO with your vendor in our production management module.

Job card

Convert the orders to job cards and the job cards will be automatically assigned to your production agents in our job card manager module.


Quickly generate unique barcodes for each step such as downloading order artwork files, order invoices, packaging slips, create & view production jobs from order, changing the order status to pending, processing, canceled, refunded, completed, etc, instantly from barcode scanning. Make your order and production processes faster with barcode scanning.

Production Automation

Production management

Production automation software

Production jobs

Production jobs cards are automatically created and assigned to respective agents or agent group.

Custom workflow

Define custom workflow of the production process for every printing method.

Production calendar

Track and monitor the progress and job cards in calendar view, list view, card view and activity view for your better convenience. Never miss a deadline.

Monitor work progress

Check the production job completion progress in percentage (%) and define the assignment rules as per your requirement.

Auto assign jobs to agents

ImprintNext’s AI, tracks the availability of agents and automatically assigns the production job cards to next available agents.

Customer communication

Communicate with your customer on important steps of the production. e.g: Notify the customer when printing is started and product is shipped.

CRM and Customer group

for better engagement

Customer Realationship Management Tool

Customers and stats

See crucial sales statistics of the customers and communicate with them to bring in more orders.

Customer groups

Assign dedicated designs and apply discounts to a group of customers for corporate orders.


Send newsletters to your customers within ImprintNext without using any third party newsletter apps.

Track slipping away customers

Know the customers that are slipping away and retain your customers. Thanks to our AI engine.

Vendor & Purchase order

for inventory

Vendor & Purchase order

Purchase orders

POs are created based on different rules such as; per order, in a certain time, product quantity. Manage PO status as required.


Create the vendors and suppliers list with their shipping details. Communicate with vendors if required.


General settings

Themes, currency & language, upgrades, etc


Change the color theme of the design tool to match your brand. Choose between 3 designer tool layouts. Write custom CSS to change the look and feel of the designer tool.

Currency and Language

Change the currency and display how it will appear in the designer tool. The design tool and backend admin is compatible with 15+ language packs. You can also change the text labels.

Users and user groups

Create users and user groups and give limited access to the backend admin to the user or user groups. E.g: designers, production team, sales agents, etc.

Manage upgrades

ImprintNext products design tool gets new updates in every 3 months. Upgrade to new version using the 3 step easy upgrade wizard.


for your offline shop

ImprintNext Kiosk app

Dedicated connected Kiosk App

Take orders from your kiosk app and link your online backoffice admin with the kiosk app. Manage all the online and kiosk orders from one admin interface.

Offline Kiosk

If you don’t have any online store, you can still use the offline kiosk app that works within your LAN (local area network) and printers. Manage orders easily.

Kiosk device setup

Make any touch based monitor, iPad, PC or MAC as Kiosk setup to accept orders in your offline shop.

Shipping and delivery

Depending on your printing time, let your customers choose the shipping and instant delivery options.

Multivendor Marketplace

for more sales from merchants

Multivendor marketplace

Vendors or merchants

Merchant stores connect with your parent store for dropshipping. They will take the order and you fulfill the order on your vendors’ behalf.

Unlimited affiliate stores

Create unlimited affiliate stores and take unlimited orders from your vendors. Fulfill Merchants' orders of your Catalog products.

Manage commission

Manage merchant Invoice, sales commision, from ImprintNext’s business hub module.

Sell on Amazon

Merchants sell the designed products in marketplaces such as Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, Ebay, etc.

Amazon/Etsy Marketplace

Social Commerce

Decoration Methods


Create and sell decorated products on Amazon. Get order notifications and printing details in one interface.

Etsy(Coming soon)

Create and sell decorated products on Etsy. Get notified for orders placed with their printing details in one interface.

Artificial intelligence

Product decoration & backoffice

Decoration Methods

AI Background Removal

The AI background remover automatically detects the subject and erases background from any design or image.


Streamline operations with AI-driven backoffice solutions for product decoration, production automation, order management, etc.

Augmented Reality

Embed QR code with AR

Decoration Methods

Business card

Sell business cards with embedded AR content such as AR texts, AR videos, AR logos, AR photos, etc, viewable universally on smartphones and tablets.


Embed QR code into billboards to create AR experiences such as 3D logos, 3D texts, AR videos, and 3D models.

Fundraiser store

to generate money

Decoration Methods

Create fundraisers

Shop users can sign up to create multiple fundraisers.

User customized fundraiser

You will add blank products that your team can fulfill. Users create pre-decorated products using your blanks and uploading their fundraiser logos, designing it in ImprintNext, etc.

Fundraiser Catalog

Customers can browse available products from a fundraiser campaign and buy those.

Order fulfillment

Orders are fulfilled by your production team.

Fundraiser Target

Fundraiser ends when the target is reached like revenue generated, end date, etc.


Users who create a fundraiser get commission for orders generated from their fundraiser event.

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