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ImprintNext Sign and Banner Designer Tool

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ImprintNext is the all-in-one end-to-end solution for businesses that sell custom branded personalised products.

The Best Online Product Designer Tool
ever made.

ImprintNext online design studio with artificial intelligence and augmented reality

Artificial Intelligence - AI

ImprintNext is the world’s first & only AI driven online Product designer app. It recommends the most suitable printing process and designs based on the selected order quantity and product options. It smartly suggests the artworks and designs that are most suitable for a particular print method.

Augmented Reality

The world’s 1st & only custom product designer with augmented reality is here. The users can add the QR code to the product with their AR content (Image, Video, etc). Scanning the QR code on the printed product will show the AR content over it.

Native app like Mobile Experience

Fast – Loads instantly even with a slow network connection.

Reliable – Responds quickly to user interactions with silky smooth performance.

Engaging – Feels like a native app on a mobile device which users can place.

Your customers will love it. Increase conversions with more returning customers.

Realistic Virtual Samples

Your customers make a design and our app generates a virtual catalog of your products by placing the design accurately over all the products.

Just 3 simple steps

Upload/Create/Drag & Drop Designs > Preview Designs on all Products > Add to cart & Checkout. With this easy and user-friendly product customisation experience, make 240% increase in online sales of your products.

3D Preview

With the realtime 3D view, show your customers how their designs will look on the product post-printing. The Design studio generates the 3D preview version with product material, fabrics, wrinkles, and stitches.

Large format options

If you offer custom signs or banners, use our design studio as a Sign Design Tool. Users can order custom signs from a predefined size list or they can also make custom banners of any preferred size.

Laser Engrave Support

For certain decoration processes like laser engraving, etching, embossing, debossing, the designer tool has the right options which shows the realistic preview of final engraved product.

Team Jersey

Your customers can configure different parts of a jersey and add any designs along with Name, Number placeholders. Then with player rooster, add the players’ name, number and respective shirt sizes. You can also add team name, team logo.

Diecut Sticker options

The sticker designer option allows your customers to create custom stickers with available sticker contour shape options (diecut, circle, square, etc). They can also select sticker material and order multiple quantities from a list of paper sheets, roll-up sheet.

Order Management

The admin back office has a dashboard that gives you an overview of orders and most used cliparts, designs, fonts, etc. The order manager is an enhanced interface to see the order details and download the print ready production files (PNG, SVG, PDF, EPS) in hot folder.

1 APP > Many Tools

The designer tool works with any print process and any product. One application and you can use it as :

T-shirt design software
Sign design software
Sticker designer app
Jersey designer tool
Promotional product customiser
screen printing software
and the list goes on.

Standard core features

Not to mention, the design tool is power packed with all the standard editing tools to create beautiful designs quickly and easily. Such as : Text, Image, background pattern, distress effect, templates (design ideas), etc. Checkout our core features for all the tools and options.

Hybrid 3D Configurator
Configure & Customise a product in 1 interface.

Hybrid 3D designer, product configurator and product customizer

Hybrid 3D Designer tool

Allow your users to configure multiple design areas of a product (example: Jersey, Shirt, Bike, Bags, Sofa, etc) and then customise over the designated imprint areas of the product. That is a 3D hybrid designer (Configurator & Customiser) in one interface.

Realtime 3D preview

Depending on the product surface, be it plastic, steel, fabric, stone, wood, leather or paper, your customers can see in realistic 360 degree 3D preview of the final product in real time.

Sales & Marketing Automation
Stay organised & never miss a customer

Sales and marketing automation software

Quotation & Proposals

No more manual email followups, and never miss a deal anymore. Manage all your quotation, proposals and invoices in one location.

Sales & Quotation Automation

Send quotes, get approval, send payment reminders, get paid, auto send invoice, email followups, convert to order, ALL in one centralised app. Automate the above process without doing it manually for each customer.

For instance: Send automatic payment reminders to all customers. Quotations get converted to order automatically when a certain percentage of order amount is received.

The order will be auto assigned to next available agent/staff. Track and monitor the payments.

Send & accept quotes

Your customers submit a quotation and their requirements directly from your website. You can also send the quotations from the backend. The design tool also suggests appropriate print process which shows accurate pricing. Manage shipping, discount, and taxes as well.

Custom sales pipeline

Custom workflow and sales pipeline to manage all your quotations and proposals. Stay organised and monitor every activity and status in one page.

No email mess, never miss a deal. Make happy customers.

Email campaigns

Create custom email templates. Send email campaigns to your customers on promotions/discounts and updates.

Production Management
Stay organised with automated production process

Production automation software

Production Workflow

Create custom production workflows for different printing processes, such as : artwork approval, art separation, make screens, printing, packaging, ready to be picked, etc.

Auto assign job-cards to Agents

A new or pending job will be auto-assigned to agents based on their work load and availability. You can also manually assign or re-assign a job. Monitor your agent’s productivity.

Track production status

Monitor all the ongoing jobs in different views such as: activity view, kanban card view, calendar view (day, week, month). See the production progress and get notified on overdue orders. Rush order option is available too.

Customer Communication

Notify the customers for delayed orders with custom email templates. Send automatic emails to customer on production status, such as: order processes, printing started, order picked up, etc.

Artwork approval

Get artworks approved from customers, before producing an order. See the artwork history and manage all customer communications and activities in a organised timeline view.

Production Automation

Based on the order quantity, printing process, and many other factors, get accurate production time estimations. Update the customers accordingly, never miss a deadline, make happy customers for life.

Live Purchase Order

Purchase orders are created automatically and sent to product vendors (suppliers) through API. Purchase orders are updated with live tracking ID, once the blank product arrives, the job card will be created automatically to start the production process.

ImprintNext is Built by Industry Experts
We have built the platform to bring business automation in imprinted industry. Control and Monitor your business from anywhere at anytime.
Print Industry
Our platform is flexible and scalable to adapt any printing technology and decoration process. Be it apparel, paper-based products, large format prints, stickers & labels etc.
Screen printer
DTG printer
Sublimation printer
Multi decorator
Product Line
Be it any custom branded personalized products, it supports products of any size, shape, dimension, attributes.
T-shirt & Apparel
Promotional Products
Sign & Banner
Office Stationery
ImprintNext for your
eCommerce Store
ImprintNext is an App/Module/Extension/Plugin for the following e-Commerce shopping cart platforms. If you don’t have a website yet, we can build one for you.
The designer is directly implemented to the purchase flow of your shopping cart platform. Your customers never leave your online store during the purchase process.
Magento Product Designer Tool
Woocommerce Product Designer Tool
Shopify Product Designer Tool
Bigcommerce Product Designer Tool
Prestashop Product Designer Tool
Opencart Product Designer Tool
Wix  Product Designer Tool
Squarespace Product Designer Tool
ImprintNext for custom stores.
If you have a custom built eCommerce store or any static website, contact us for integration.
Background effect
1 click import from 10000+ products with mockup images and real product data. Saves a lot of time in uploading and managing the products in your eCommerce store. You can also upload unlimited products with custom product mockups.
Office Stationery
ImprintNext Mobile Cover Designer Tool
Mobile case
ImprintNext Trophy Designer Tool
Trophies awards
ImprintNext Shoe Designer Tool
ImprintNext Billboards Designer Tool
Sign banner
Laser engrave
ImprintNext Cap Designer Tool
Promotional products
Our Clients
We are glad to have shaped splendid partnerships with many of our clients. And we`ve formed more than simply working relationships with them; we've shaped genuine friendships. Here`s what they`re to say about us.
ImprintNext Client - 2nd Skin
ImprintNext Client - Daze
ImprintNext Client - Uncover
ImprintNext Client - islide
ImprintNext Client - Printoteca
ImprintNext Client - Buddies
ImprintNext Trust pilot rating ImprintNext Trust pilot rating ImprintNext Trust pilot rating ImprintNext Trust pilot rating Half star
Based on 23 Reviews
Completely happy and satisfied with the performance and support.
Marc Goldberg

Marc Goldberg, CEO

The design tool is smooth, advanced and suffices to all needs.
Justin K.

Justin K., Founder

Great product and best customer service I've ever had.
Nick Spapens

Nick Spapens, Founder

ImprintNext Client - Bespoke Store

We are loving Imprintnext. It is super cool tool and it integrates seamlessly with Shopify.

We are able to allow our customers to customize any of the products we choose. They can upload their designs. They can add text with from within their app. They can change the color of the text and design. It is super cool. You can scale it. Put it in different areas of the product that we choose. This is just really unique tool for our customers. And the backend is so easy to use. We are able to set up the pricing based on quality of product and colors used. Just completely customizable from front to back. Great great tool!


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You will immediately receive emails which includes invoice, link to download the installation package, access to support, login details to the admin portal(containing your profile, invoice, license details, etc).
It is managed through tickets for better convenience. In case of emergency, Call/Email/Text/IM us on the mentioned numbers.
There are no hidden fees included. A customer would pay the exact amount mentioned in the website which is inclusive of all taxes.
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