Pillow Design software

Pillow Design software

Sell custom pillow cases, vinyl, and cotton pillow covers online. With ImprintNext Pillow Design Software, your customers can design pillows that will add a cozy touch to the home decor.
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Online Pillow Designer | Personalized Pillows with Names

About Pillow Design Software

Creating custom-designed pillows that are one-of-a-kind and loved by users is no more a strenuous task with our pillow design software. Personalized merchandises surely come with their own unique set of challenges but, the ImprintNext product designer takes the hassle out of the process, one click at a time.

Built with the latest technology to meet present-day design requirements, the module is fast, robust yet simple to operate. It functions seamlessly with smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, and kiosks even over a sluggish network. Driven with unmatched industry-first attributes such as Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality, you can now offer your customers to explore a whole new level of design experience.

The tool makes designing not only easy but also fun for customers who love to experiment with their design ideas. The module comes bundled with a massive gallery of clipart and design templates which are again customizable. Users can pick, drag and drop design assets from the inventory onto their products or upload their own custom graphics, images, artworks from local storage or anywhere from the internet.

Allow your customers to design pillows that add a cozy touch to the environments they are placed in. Rich text effects, word art, background patterns, design options, image filters, and color combinations make it all the easier to design a custom pillow of any size or shape.

The tool supports multiple print techniques so users don’t have to switch modules for designing on different materials such as fabric, leather, canvas, silicone, plastic, fiber and the list goes on. Even if the design area of a product is rough, irregular, or uneven, the software allows the user to design on it, effortlessly.

The 3D view feature allows decorators a detailed 360-degree preview of their customizations on a product in high definition. The tool also has low-resolution warning and bleed marks to ensure the printed end product looks crisp and professional.

The powerful backend of the module allows the vendor to restrict or allow design features, print methods, design assets, select decoration areas for products, and manage real-time pricing for customizations. ImprintNext product designer simplifies the process of custom designing & ordering for customers to a great extent. And for the vendor, its order management tools, sales & marketing tools streamline the business flow. The module, being compact can be easily integrated into your online e-commerce storefront or any existing storefronts on Shopify, Magento, Opencart, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, and many more.

To learn more ways how the ImprintNext product designer can help boost your online custom decoration business, ask for a demo.

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