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ImprintNext version 8.0.2
Released on : 22nd March 2024

Import templates performance optimization

Import templates now in less time.

Upload image optimization

High-resolution image upload time for one color and tint is now minimized.

WooCommerce 8.4.1 compatibility

ImprintNext is now compatible up to Woocommerce version 8.4.1.

Sticker product - cart edit

Now you can edit the sticker from the cart page. You can also edit the size and material from the tool.

Embroidery preview enhancement

Image color detection capabilities are enhanced. Embroidery preview available in various types of print boundaries.

Prestashop ImprintNext plugin optimization

Now ImprintNext modules can be uninstalled directly from Prestashop stores.

Bug fixes:

Known bug fixes in decorated products, import templates and a few other sections.

Fixed a few known issues

A few known issues related to embroidery preview, stickers on responsive devices, S3 storage, etc are resolved.

Import 1000+ new high quality templates

Ready to use thousands of templates are now available from ImprintNext library.

Designer tool enhancements

Text can be added with a reverse circle effect.
Decoration colour is more visible for simple products.
For product variants whose swatch is not set in your shop, it’s represented in text.
Tax can now be applied on production cost as well.

Multi colour preview generation for decorated products

Now decorated product previews with artwork for different colour variants can be created with respective product variant images.

Price per square unit

Pricing could be based on either square unit range of decorated area or a minimum flat price.

Back office improvements

Template types “Edit” and “Recreate” can be activated.
Order’s artwork print location with X, Y coordinates is available in the order detail section.
Customer notes for each product ordered are available in order line items.

PHP 8.2 compatibility

ImprintNext is now compatible up to PHP version 8.2.8

Quotation improvements

Admin can change product’s variation price.
It is now compatible with sticker products.
Request a quote module is compatible now with stickers, signs and banners.

Quotations accessible by customers in their accounts (WooCommerce only)

Customers can view and duplicate their custom quotations from their WooCommerce dashboard.

Sticker die cut optimization

Stickers die cut preview is optimised.

Configurator enhancements

It’s now compatible with Team Jersey like adding player details, etc.
Overlay image can be set to simulate material over design elements.

Supplier catalog improvements

S&S and Alphabroder catalogue’s price and inventory details can be auto synced with your shop. A report on the available price and inventory updates can be generated.

Easier 3D products set up

3D print boundary is now getting placed over the UV map, so it’s easier to check print area location during the setup process.

ImprintNext compatibility up to PHP version 8.1.19

ImprintNext is now compatible up to PHP version 8.1.19

Customers can reorder their custom orders from the store's user dashboard

Customers can view and re-order their custom orders from the user dashboard of the store like Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. Re-ordering a custom order will directly add the custom order to the cart page and proceed to order.

Save design enhancements

User saved designs can now be used on any other product having the same printing technique in which it was saved.

Curve text enhancement

For circular and semicircular text, the rotation of text is optimised.

Email configuration enhancements in ImprintNext Admin

You can now validate the SMTP details set for emails in ImprintNext Admin.

Enhancements in Quotation module

In quotation, admin can create a shipping method, set price for it and multiple tax can be set in percentage.

Amazon plugin integration

Admin can create pre-designed products and publish those on Amazon Marketplace. End-users can purchase these products directly from Amazon and the order details are received also in ImprintNext back office for fulfilment.

Bleed support for Stickers

Crop marks and safe zones for Stickers can be set in the ImprintNext back office. Customers can view the bleed marks while designing the product. The bleed will also be available in the print ready files.

Bug fixes for Embroidery and Stickers

Stickers die cut preview optimised and a few UI/UX responsive issues were fixed. Embroidery preview for mobile devices is also enhanced.

Pricing supports up to 8 decimal places

The number of decimal places supported in the print method pricing section has been increased to 8.

Image upload enhancements for iOS devices

A few enhancements and fixes done in the image upload section for iOS devices.

Quantity steps (minimum, incremental value) available for products like business cards, sign banners, etc.

It primarily provided for stationery products. Customers can select available quantity preset by incremental value, for example. 50, 100 ,150, 200, 250, etc.

Multilingual support for quote invoice, order slip PDFs

Order invoice, package slip, etc PDFs now support multi-language. Labels of these PDFs can be set for your language. PDF files related to quotation downloads, invoices and customer view pages also support multi-language that can be set in the back office.

3rd party script addition from admin

Easily add third party scripts such as analytics, chatbots, customer session recorders etc through ImprintNext back office.

API security enhancement

Customer data is further secured with additional encryptions.

Shopify variants limitation is resolved

This plugin allows Shopify merchants to overcome the variant's number restriction. Merchants can manage variant information in ImprintNext without any upper limit restrictions.

Dynamic API version support - Shopify

ImprintNext now supports the latest API version of Shopify.

Prestashop 8.0 compatibility

ImprintNext is now compatible with Prestashop version 8.

BigCommerce API data caching

Loading process is improved for Bigcommerce stores.

Sticker pricing enhancement

Sticker material tier pricing can be configured based on both the quantity or total surface area.

Quotation module enhancements

A few Quotation module enhancements like adding the same product multiple times to a single quotation, dedicated language settings for customer view page, invoice and PDF files are available.

Production hub enhancements for Magento & PrestaShop

Production module workflow is optimized for Prestashop and Magento stores.

Sanmar product's profit margin management

When Sanmar products prices are synced with your shop, the profit margin set earlier is retained.

Design template enhancements

Templates for wide area products can be created. While editing text in a template the aspect ratio is maintained.

Name & Number UI/UX enhancements

Improved form for adding new player details. Configurator products are now compatible with Name and Number.

Product configurator UI/UX enhancements

Easier products set up in case of configurator.

Quotation enhancements

Agents/Admin can approve quotations from the card view. Rejected quotations can be viewed/edited.

Encoding designer tool URL

URL of the designer tool is encoded for better security.

Showing pattern and glitter colors in orders

Pattern and glitter colors present in the customer’s artwork are listed in the order detail section.

Pagination added to printable color categories

Pagination is implemented for printable colour categories.

PrestaShop product attribute price enhancements

PrestaShop products options based pricing (color, size, material, etc) is synced with the designer tool and the cart page. Tax is also synced similarly.

Sticker enhancements

Individual stickers, stickers on roll and stickers on sheets available for customers. Materials listing can be sorted. Tier pricing is now supported. Customers can purchase rolls of preset quantity, admin can set it in incremental quantity within a range.

Responsive Product Configurator

Product configurator is responsive on iPads and mobile devices. Easy to change product’s different sections, customise and place orders.

Purchase order loading optimisation

Processing time of generating POs for complex orders is optimized.

Updating catalog inventory, price for SanMar

Sanmar catalog inventory, price can be kept up-to-date by using plugin “Catalog Provider Services”.

Alphabroder catalog compatibility

Products from the Alphabroder catalog can be imported to stores.

Overlogo enhancement

Overlogo products design area dimension, printing techniques, etc. details will be available in order details.

Jersey details on cart page

For jerseys, player details like name, number, etc. added by customers are shown on the cart page.

Zapier enhancement

Along with production files, customization/design price is also synced with Zapier.

Enhancement in mobile version

ImprintNext mobile version now comes with optimized UI/UX and an intuitive user interface. It's 100% responsive and very easy to use.

Wilcom add-on for embroidery

ImprintNext is compatible with Wilcom and you can use this paid add-on by syncing it with your Wilcom account. It generates a more realistic embroidery preview along with respective digitization files. You can set the maximum thread colors supported and pricing can be estimated based on the embroidery thread count.

Auto detection of colours from the image

For raster images like PNG, JPG and JPEG that customers upload, they can vectorize those images. The designer tool can detect the number of colors present in the images and customers can change these colors. This is suitable for printing techniques supporting limited colors like screen printing.

Remove background from uploaded images

Customers can remove the background of their uploaded images, retaining their image quality.

Validation of unsupported fonts

When customers add text not available in the ImprintNext fonts library, this scenario is handled properly.

Google Analytics

ImprintNext is now compatible with Google Analytics 4.0. You can track your customers' ImprintNext usage behaviour, including most used features, etc.

Thumbnails for assets category

Admin can set thumbnail images to asset categories like cliparts, background designs, shapes. Customers can view these thumbnail images besides the assets category names in the designer.

Pagination in customer group

In ImprintNext Admin, pagination is added to the customer group section.

S3 Storage for your Assets files

All assets like cliparts, fonts, templates, etc can now be stored in S3. Providing your AWS details in ImprintNext this can be set.

ImprintNext Upgrade Enhancements

The ImprintNext upgrade process is now quick. When a new version is available, you can upgrade it from ImprintNext Admin by a single click.

Barcode Integration

Barcode scanning helps in downloading print files, order status change, etc. In the production process, the current status of job cards can be set to completion by a respective barcode scan. Many similar operations can be easily done by a quick scan.

Quotation & Production hub Enhancement

Quotations can be archived if cancelled by customers or it is completed. On order status change, customers receive details in email.

BigCommerce Integration

ImprintNext is now seamlessly integrated with BigCommerce.

PHP 8 compatibility

ImprintNext is compatible with the latest PHP version 8.

Printful Catalog

You can import products from the Printful catalogue to your store. You can also set products selling price in reference to the catalogue price. When orders are received for these products, print ready files along with customization details are directly sent to Printful for fulfilment. Tracking details about Printful order shipping is also synced with ImprintNext.

Quickbooks integration

ImprintNext can now be integrated with QuickBooks for auto syncing invoices, customer information, purchase orders, expenses, etc. from your Ecommerce store.

Shipstation Integration

Orders which are placed from the ImprintNext designer, can also be managed in Shipstation. You can view/change order status, so that courier partners will be notified for the order delivery.

Zapier integration

Output files can now be synced with Zapier, and this further be used by other connected Apps.


Customers can either upload their own logo or create it in ImprintNext designer, and see their logo over 500+ products.

Select your preferred product with your logo and either add it to cart or further customize your logo before proceeding to cart.

Admin sets up products with specific imprint areas, so when customers upload their logo, it automatically resizes, rotates, skews or curves to fit properly in the product’s designated area.

Performance Optimization in Designer

The initial designer tool loading time and the checkout process time are optimised. Checkout process for products with multiple options is also faster now

Performance Optimization in Admin

Product listing and customer group optimizations implemented.

Bug fixes in Designer

Bug fixes for product configurator, 3D preview and Stickers done.

UI/UX changes and Enhancements

UI/UX improved for Import Cliparts, Quotation and Production Management.

Custom Store Compatibility

All new features are now available for custom platforms as well.

Multistore Compatibility

Templates and Cliparts can be imported to multi stores.

Display Pricing information for order / production job based on user role

Admin can set to show / hide the pricing information for order and production management based on user role.

Restrict Order Conversion when product is out of stock

When admin tries to convert quotation to order for out of stock products, respective notification is shown. Customers can’t pay for the quotation until the product is in stock. It is available for PrestaShop and Magento.

Enhancement in Upload Image

Uploading images of different formats like (AI, EPS, PSD, PDF, etc.) is much faster now. In print files, you will be getting user uploaded original files in a separate folder along with the 3 formats (SVG, PDF and PNG). Processing of high resolution images from uploading to checkout is also improvised.

Customer Group

Admin can create different groups and assign customers to it. Clipart, template categories can be made available for various groups. Based on the group to which the customer is assigned, respective cliparts and templates will be visible in the design studio.

While creating groups, Admin can also set flat or quantity based tier discounts on decoration cost as well. This applies when customers from those groups personalize in the design studio.

Import Clipart and Template from ImprintNext Library

Admin can now import cliparts and templates from a wide variety of categories / subcategories of the ImprintNext library.

Option to show Price details in Design Studio

Admin can show / hide pricing details in the design studio. Customers can see decoration price break up (like color price, setup fee, etc.) along with product cost.

Restrict Designing Option for the Decoration Area

For products having multiple decoration areas, Admin can disable designing options for a few decoration areas. The disbaled decoration area will not appear in the designer studio.

Set default Print Method for each Decoration Area

When a product is configured, Admin can set a default print method for each of the decoration areas. When the product loads in the design studio, it will set the default print methods for decoration areas of the product accordingly.

Force Customer To Select Color of Design from Color Palette before Adding to Cart

This can be enabled for print methods. While designing, customers have to choose colors from a preset color palette for added cliparts, text, uploaded images, etc. On AddToCart, it’s checked again and the customer is notified if any design’s color is not supported as per the color palette.

Minimum Order Quantity applicable to same color variation

This enables customers to purchase products having the same color variation and may be different sizes and yet it meets the product’s minimum order quantity requirement

Tier Discount on Total Quantity

Encourage wholesale shoppers to purchase large quantities by offering discounts based on quantity ordered. Instead of giving a discount over each color and size variant, you can now give a discount over the total qunatity purchased by the user.

Loading of Language from URL in designer tool

For websites supporting multiple languages, design studio can be loaded in the language selected by the customer on the website language option.

UI / UX changes in Add to Cart process

Customers can personalize a product, add it to the bag and still stay on the same page. The customer can again add a different design or customize other products and then proceed for the final checkout.

Enhancement in Order Detail page

Improved order detail page with more information on order placed.

RTL support in Designer Studio

The Designer Studio is now supporting RTL (Right to Left). When users input text, it will be added to the product from right to left and print files will be generated accordingly.

OpenCart Compatibility with Quotation

ImprintNext is now compatible with the Quotation System for OpenCart. Manage all your quotations, send quotes, get approval, send payment reminders, get paid, auto send invoice, email follow ups, convert to order, etc.

Enhancement in Production Hub

Super Admin can check printing status through the progress bar placed on the production listing page. Printing status like (completion date / time, agent assigned, number of stages, etc.) can be viewed to backtrack if any problems arise in the future. Activity log for orders can also be viewed in the production.

Now, agents can also upload multiple files in the internal notes to send the customer for approval process.

Stripe Integration in Quotation Payments

Customers can make payments by using Stripe Payment Gateway in the Quotation System.

Enhancement in Template Edit

Template edit is now more interactive with easier modifications of clipart, text, upload image etc.

Upload image Enhancement

It’s now improved to process high resolution images of various file formats without compromising on designer performance.

Known Bug Fixes

Known bugs were fixed along with a few performance optimizations.

Text Enhancement

Customers can now change font size based on points. Admin can set the minimum font size. Admin can also set the maximum number of characters allowed that’s also shown to customers.

Vertical Text

Customers can switch text from horizontal view to vertical view. So, alphabets of the text will be displayed from top to bottom.

Overlay Image

Products like banners, posters, etc, have holes at the corners for hanging. Admin can upload a transparent image having holes as an overlay. When customers add any design over the product, this design will go behind the overlay image that has holes. But in the print files complete design will appear.

"Out of stock" products labeled accordingly in designer

On product change within the designer, “out of stock” products are labeled accordingly. On the designer's Order Confirmation page, “out of stock” variations are also conveyed similarly.

Printable Colors Categorization

Admin can create categories, subcategories and assign specific colors to those. Customers can see colors categorized and it is a better user experience.

User Role Enhancements

User roles created in admin can be given access to complete modules or submodules in the admin section. For example, access to the complete assets module or only a few of it’s submodules like cliparts, fonts, etc.

Decoration Price for Design and Print Area

You can charge your customers for the area actually occupied by graphics like logo, design, text etc within the print area. You can set tier prices based on quantity and design area occupied within the printing area.

You can also set tier prices based on quantity and available printing area.

Customers can send quote requests from Designer

Now customers can request quotes from the designer. Quotation Request option can be enabled from designer admin against any specific print profile.

Storing Files in Amazon S3

Customers may upload high resolution images to customize products. You can opt to store these files in AWS S3 instead of your server file system. You can activate it by providing your AWS details. This will also store print ready files in S3.

Embroidery Pricing

Admin can set price per stitch and the stitch count based on artwork dimension. Also a tier price table can be set based on the number of stitches and the quantity purchased.

Upload the SVG Custom Decoration Area with bleed mark

Bleed marks can be added to printing areas of irregular shapes. You need to create SVGs with the bleed mark using third party applications like Illustrator and upload the SVG in the ImprintNext admin section.

Customers can see the bleed marks for these irregular shaped printing areas. Bleed mark related details are also made available in print ready files.

Product variant stock management for Shopify

Now, the stock quantity of each variation of products will automatically get updated in Shopify after it’s customization in designer. The available quantity of products will be the same in your Shopify and the designer.

Product Configurator is compatible with SVGs

Admin can upload SVGs for a product by setting name and assigning a color category or color picker for each part of the product. Admin can also upload a shadow Image which will give a realistic view for the product

Catalog Enhancements

Admin can import products from catalogs like Sanmar, S&S, Activewear to his/her own store.During import, products can be set to the store's existing product categories or create a new product category for the store from the catalog module itself.

Designer compatibility with PrestaShop Multi Store

ImprintNext is now compatible with PrestaShop multi-store. Multiple stores added to your PrestaShop can be viewed in ImprintNext Admin. Different assets like (clipart, fonts, design colors, shapes, etc) can be added to your different stores from a single dashboard.

Customers can view cliparts, fonts, etc. which are associated with the store accessed.

Quotations for wide format printing products like Banners and Pre-designed products

Admin can create quotations for pre-decorated products by easily editing a few design elements on customers request. Quotations can now be created for wide format printing products as well.

Production Job Enhancements

Admin can set holidays in the calendar to update working days and also set working hours. When a production job is created, based on it’s expected man-hours and available working hours as per calendar, it’s delivery time is automatically updated.

Job cards can be filtered based on task, status, assignee, etc.

Cache implementation in Production Management

Now orders. quotations, production job cards list load faster with easier navigation.

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