Calendar Design software

Calendar Design software

Sell custom desk calendars, wall calendars, and poster calendars online. With the Custom Calendar Design Software, your customers can personalize calendars views for days, months, year, change the overall appearance, and do lots more.
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Online Calendar Designer | Personalized Calendar Maker

About Calendar Design Software

People often forget important dates for events, birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions. Thus, the demand for personalized calendars has grown rapidly across the past years. The calendar design software is a must-have for your customers who don’t want to miss important dates while pleasing their eyes with a perfect design.

The online design tool is just everything a user needs to design an appealing, high-quality desk, wall, or poster calendar online. Built with the latest technology, it is power-packed to serve all present-day design requirements and yet has a user-friendly interface. The module being technically advanced works independently on any laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet, or kiosk making it all device compatible.

The tool comes bundled with customizable design assets like clipart, design templates, and graphic images to make designing easy for the decorators. They can either choose to drag and drop design assets from the art inventory or simply start afresh from scratch. Our tool is ready to deliver printable design files for leather, fiber, plastic, silicon, fabric, wood, metal, glass, and many more materials. It also offers decorators the ability to design with their own custom image, text effects, word arts, background patterns, color combinations, and a lot many things that turn customization into an enjoyable event.

The backend also grants vendors, the ability to allow or restrict design features, decoration areas, print methods, design assets or regulate the real-time prices for customizations as per business requirements. The tool is intuitive and can be easily merged into any custom-made online e-commerce storefront or existing eCommerce shopping platforms such as Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, Opencart, Prestashop, etc.

With this tool, your customers can design products of various sizes, shapes, materials even if their surfaces are uneven or irregular. The module’s artificial intelligence precisely suggests decorators the best printing method for their masterpiece to look crisp and of high quality. The software even detects low-resolution artwork and images when placed on the design studio.

The detailed 360-degree 3D preview of ongoing customizations minimizes the chances of a design blunder. Your customers can now decorate endlessly without having to worry about missing unseen errors. Our tool is crafted to address the design hassles for both vendors and their customers, thus besides being the best platform for product decoration, the software is a complete solution from order to delivery for any custom print business.

ImprintNext has always been the first choice of many customized items sellers who believe in delivering professional, high-quality, carrier-grade products to their customers even under a time squeeze. With this tool in your online storefront, you can serve your customers from anywhere on the globe, reduce order friction and redouble your sales probabilities.

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