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Last Updated on: 11th February 2024, 02:26 pm

Your product title has the highest importance in optimizing our Amazon product page. Before you start, follow certain naming conventions that are both acceptable by Amazon and buyers.

01. Follow the Amazon Guidelines:

Before writing a product title follow Amazon’s Style Guidelines which you can find in Seller Central.

02. Character Limit:

You are allowed to make a product title that is not more than 200 characters in length. Amazon may not display your product if it is longer than recommended.

03. A Title Should Be Informative:

Your title should be informative and concise. While enticing viewers and giving a brief idea about the product and model (in the case of electronics) products.

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04. Use Sufficient Keywords:

One of the important SEO rules is including keywords that rank your product in Google search results.

05. Brand Name:

Your product title should contain the brand name of the product.

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