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The universe of printing is huge and within it lies many amazing printing facts, stories, and revelations that are still unknown among humans.

We have tried to assert a few of them that will leave you scratching your head for some time.

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Top 7 Mind-Blowing Printing Facts:

Just explore the best top 7 mind-blowing printing facts below which help you to know some interesting facts, stories, and revelations about printing.

01. Bible is Not the Smallest Book Ever Printed:

Top 7 Mind Blowing Printing Facts You May Not Know
Although Bible is credited as the first major book printed using movable type printer, it is Jikji, a book containing selected teachings of the Buddhist Sages and Seon Masters, which is the earliest known book, printed in 1377. Gutenberg Bible came in 1455.

02. Gutenberg Bible is Not the First-ever Printed Book:

Top 7 Mind Blowing Printing Facts You May Not Know
Instead, a 22-page Japanese book is the world’s smallest printed book, which measures 0.74 x 0.75 mm (0.0291 x 0.0295 in).

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03. Human Blood is Cheaper to Ink:

Top 7 Mind Blowing Printing Facts You May Not Know
Ink is expensive, so much so that it exceeds the cost of fuel of a space shuttle (when calculated on per gallon basis), which is $2700, let alone human blood or wine.

04: Nasa is Working on How 3d Printers Can Be Used to Construct Buildings on Lunar Surfaces:

3D printers
The idea is to send robots with 3D printing equipment so that they can construct infrastructure on lunar surfaces.

05. Renaissance Most Likely Would Not Have Taken Place Without Printing Press:

The invention made it possible to print ideas and teachings in the form of books, papers, and pamphlets. This led to the dissemination of knowledge.

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06. Fonts/typefaces Initially Created by Hand and Often Named After the Painter Who Created Them:

fonts typefaces
The best example of the printing facts is of French printer Claude Garamond; his font is still in use.

07. The Incredible Hulk’s Green Skin Color is Actually a Result of a Printing Mistake:

incredible hulks
Initially, Stan Lee gave Hulk a grey skin to portray him as a monster that he was. However, during printing, there were problems with the grey coloring. Each copy resulted in a different-hued Hulk, with some being green. When this fell into the eyes of Stan Lee, he noticed that green suited Hulk better than grey. Thus, the color of the green monster that we all love.

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