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Last Updated on: 8th July 2024, 10:47 am

Do you know what is the best way to achieve near 100% printing accuracy of custom product orders? What if can link design with relevant products and print it with the appropriate print method. Therefore, ImprintNext product design software comes with intelligent features designed to achieve maximum printing perfection with accurate pricing so that you are always on a profitable side.

From flexible dynamic pricing rules to smart product-design linking, let us discuss how ImprintNext caters to various decoration methods. Such as screen printing, embroidery, and direct-to-garment printing.

1. Designer tool settings:

The designer tool settings are like a control panel for a design software. They let you adjust how the tool works based on what kind of decoration you’re planning to do. For example, if you’re printing on a mug, the tool will suggest you different printing options than if you were designing for a t-shirt or an embroidered hat.

These settings help make sure you have the right tools and features at your fingertips for each specific type of decoration. Thus, it makes your design process smoother and more tailored to your needs.

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2. Link products with print methods:

This feature allows you to connect different products or types of products with various ways of decoration methods. It’s like creating a map that shows which decoration methods work best for each product.

For example, you might link t-shirts to screen printing and embroidery, while mugs might be linked to sublimation printing. This helps you quickly see what decoration options are available for each item you’re working with.

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By grouping products together or using categories, you can efficiently manage multiple items at once. This linking system makes it easier to choose the right decoration method for each product, saving time and ensuring you use appropriate techniques for different materials.

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3. Flexible dynamic pricing rules:

This feature is about creating a flexible system for pricing your decorated products. It’s like a smart pricing calculator that considers many factors.

Instead of having a fixed price for each item, you can set up rules that automatically adjust the price based on things like how many colors are in the design, the size of the printed area, or how many stitches are needed for embroidery.

You can also include costs for setting up the printing equipment or charge differently for each letter in a custom text.

This dynamic pricing table helps you accurately price your products by considering all the variables that go into creating them, ensuring you cover your costs and maintain your profit margins no matter how complex the design or decoration process is.

4. 100% price accuracy:

This feature ensures that your pricing is always accurate, regardless of the order size or decoration method. It’s like having a super-precise calculator that knows exactly how much to charge for each decoration process.

Whether a customer orders one custom t-shirt or a thousand, the system will automatically add the correct surcharge for the specific decoration used, such as screen printing, embroidery, or heat transfer.

This means you don’t have to worry about undercharging for small orders or overcharging for large ones.

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The system takes into account all the costs associated with each decoration method, ensuring that your pricing is fair and consistent across all order sizes and types of customization.

5. Link products with designs:

This feature is about making sure designs are matched with the right products. It’s like creating a smart wardrobe where certain clothes only go with specific accessories. For example, a large logo design made for a t-shirt might not look good or fit properly on a small item like a face mask.

This system allows you to connect each design with only the products it’s suitable for. So, when someone is customizing a product, they’ll only see design options that actually work well for that item.

This helps prevent mistakes, improves the final look of customized products, and makes the design selection process easier for both you and your customers.

6. Link print method with designs:

This feature is about matching designs with the most appropriate printing methods. It’s like pairing the right tool with the right job. For instance, a simple design with just one color might work better and be more cost-effective with screen printing, while a complex, multi-colored design might be better suited for direct-to-garment (DTG) printing.

By linking designs to specific decoration methods, you ensure that each design is produced using the technique that will give the best results and be most efficient.

This system helps guide users to choose the right printing method for each design, which can improve the quality of the final product, reduce costs, and streamline the production process.

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It takes the guesswork out of selecting a printing method, making the whole customization process smoother and more foolproof.

Final Words:

By integrating advanced features like dynamic pricing matrices, accurate surcharge calculations, and intelligent design-product-method linking, ImprintNext empowers businesses in the decoration industry to operate more efficiently and effectively. It eliminates common pitfalls such as pricing inaccuracies, mismatched designs, and inappropriate decoration techniques.

This comprehensive approach not only streamlines the customization process but also enhances the quality of the final products, improves customer satisfaction, and potentially increases profitability.

ImprintNext is the best product design solution that yo can use for various needs of the decoration industry. Thus, making it an invaluable tool for businesses looking to excel in the world of customized products.

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