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Last Updated on: 13th February 2024, 10:48 pm

In today’s competitive custom merch market, stores need to have a strong online presence and offer a wide range of products to stay in the minds of their customers. Simply put, if a customer can’t easily shop online or interact with you, it’s already hitting your business.

Once you have a strong online presence, you want to make sure you have all the products your customers need. Perhaps there are products that we haven’t considered before. A wide range of products makes it easy for businesses to upsell and suggest add-ons, but it also discourages customers from going elsewhere. This is especially true for all kinds of products to equip teams and fans, as well as sports customers who need stolen goods to show support.

Here are the top three categories of products that you can offer to your customers right now in preparation for the spring sports rush.

01. Apparel:

Most merchandise shops are already sell decorated apparel, like T-shirts, in particular, which are one of the most popular and customizable items in everything from banking and corporate events to school sports and charity fundraising. I am participating in an apparel game. But apparel goes far beyond printed T-shirts. Think of anything wearable, such as hoodies, beanies, baseball caps, fleece wear, and even special items such as training shorts.

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One of the best ways to promote an offer is to prominently display mockups of these types of products on your website. ImprintNext’s online designers are customizable to match your company’s branding and color scheme. It’s also easy to set up, without the need for significant web design experience, backed by excellent customer support. Setting ImprintNext makes it easy to display mockups of these items on the front page, giving customers a better understanding of what to contact the store.

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If you need to create a custom mockup for your client, ImprintNext’s online designer makes the mockup process faster and easier. Quickly add custom graphics to products such as hats and shirts and submit them to your customers for faster approval. InkSoft’s built-in design library contains fonts, design ideas, and graphics that you can use to quickly create client mockups and upload custom images. Customers can also submit their designs through the upload process.

ImprintNext B2B software is also ideal for your clients who sell their products to end-users. You can sell your products online as quickly as you do in business, such as school clothing, charities, and fundraising products.

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Suppose your business offers only a few services like screen printing and embroidery, but you want to offer your customers more options like clothes and DTF transfers directly. In this case, you can also provide these services without adding other equipment or consumables.

02. Promotional Products:

Advertising options are a category excellent in shops of all sized stores, as it works well as stand-alone sales or add-ons and upsell orders. Promo Products works well with all kinds of customers but contains some primers.

2.1. Corporate Program:

Corporate customers generally want all kinds of branded products because they are an integrated promotion of their business. This means that standard apparel such as T-shirts, polo shirts, fleece jackets, and hats can be bundled with other prints such as straps, face masks, and other accessories.

2.2. School Sports:

Promotional items are another great way to promote school sports. And adding them to your lineup will allow you to get these orders ahead of the rush of the spring sports season. Combine these jerseys and T-shirts with promotional items to coordinate to create a complete suite for your team, league, or club.

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2.3. Locals:

Locals typically need branded apparel for their employees and want stolen goods for their end-users. This opens the door to all other types of promotional items such as pens, water bottles, and cups. Similar to a clothing store, ImprintNext B2C can be used to help local businesses sell their stolen goods to end customers.

Customization options allow customers to use colors and logos to adapt their shop to the company’s brand guidelines. Printing these products for business is beneficial to both parties as it helps drive business and integrate services.

03. Signage:

The three categories of printed products that come under signage. This category is suitable for a variety of clients such as schools, teams, restaurants, hospitality, and industrial clients. As promotional products, signage acts as an add-on, but it also acts as a standalone category.

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This is a broad category that covers everything from traditional grommet banners and lawn signs to small items such as decals, stickers, and magnets. If your store does not have the equipment or staff to print these items, you are in luck. ImprintNext’s Signage-as-a-Service program handles the tedious task.

As with apparel and promotional items, ImprintNext software is part of the overall assortment so that customers can easily browse your store and get what they need. You can provide signboard products. Signage products also work with online designers, allowing customers to submit ideas and quickly create mockups for faster approval.

Best of all, ImprintNext’s production management tools help receive orders, print, and ship orders directly from the printer to the customer. Therefore, even if you use this program to complement your internal services. Your customers will still receive the products printed, packaged, and shipped by professionals such as teams.

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Final Words:

Enhance your business as one place to meet all your printing needs by offering comprehensive options to your customers. Also, if your customers are accustomed to finding everything they need with just a few clicks. It is important to make the checkout process as seamless as possible. That’s why the ImprintNext product designer tool is the perfect tool for expanding your product range.

Ready to offer your customers more products and grow your business with the ImprintNext online designer tool? Book a free personalized tour. A few minutes can change your business.

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Do you have printers? Are those printers sitting idle?

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