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Organising a Sports team is not easy. To make sure your team members are in apple-pie order, you need to market and promote your team, as a result you can grow your fan base and secure financial means that will allow you to cover all your expenses, like traveling expenses, to get proper equipment and secure shelter for game days.

Initially most of the teams, to get funds they start collecting membership dues, gather donations, ask known people to contribute. But the best source is sponsorship.

Ways to Get Sponsors

If you are confused and unable to figure out how to find sponsors, then read on this post, we’ll cover ways to get them. When you form a sports team,one of the first questions arise is, How you are going to fund it?

All you need is a strong financing source. In the business world, sport has represented a huge profit-driver for brands all around the world. The most classical example of these is, is baseball match. Have you ever attended a game where you didn’t found a famous brand? I bet you definitely find. As a matter of fact, every week you can see multiple logos while watching a game. This happens because companies see in these events the chance to gain visibility in front of a large audience. However it is up to you to find the right and potential sponsors to be with you in the long run. So the partnership will remain for years.

These steps will help you for your team, win them over, and help to build long-lasting relationships.

Start With Your Team

Start within your team, it is the easiest way to find potential sponsors. Approach to the parents of your team members, they may be business owners or private/government employee themselves can vest in your team. Parents, which are employed by local businesses, can also open doors to getting connected to the right person to talk to about sponsorship benefits and opportunities.

Find Within Your Community

Securing a sponsorship, targeting within your community and local business is a great way. The key factor is that you aren’t restricted to targeting only local businesses that belong to the sport’s niche.

You may find some business serving the same audience as your team- like a local store selling sports supplies to the kids on your team. Or, maybe there’s a local bus business which provide your team, transportation wherever they visit for sports days. These create a good chance that each of those business owners are already aware of your team. Even if they are not connected to your team, you still have the community in common.

Go National

Your local community can help you to some extent to get more result expand your horizons and go national. Large businesses and companies are always on the lookout for promotion opportunities.

Sponsorship is a powerful and impactful marketing technique. Sponsoring teams and events gives companies positive exposure. This in turn can lead to an increase in their sales, publicity and demand of their brand and customer loyalty. And associating yourself with a big brand name will elevate your team to a new level and make it more attractive to other businesses and entice them to get involved.

Make Sponsorship Package

Create your sponsorship packages, the packages can be sent through letter or email and after creating it then find suitable candidates.

While you writing the agreement, make sure it specifically states what each party is promising to do in the partnership. As it is a mutual agreement, both sides must be satisfied with it. Make blueprints which can be used for different businesses, tailor each letter to the specific sponsor you send.

Assign a Delegate

Send a delegate with business proposal, as it is an important step, choose wisely whom you will send. Delegate having business and negotiation skills would add on. Delegate needs to take all the responsibility. As this show them strive for professionalism in order to present yourself as worthy of sponsorship. Try to find businesses that make sense for your sport.

Be Creative

At last, don’t think about financial benefit solely. It always pays off to maintain that creativity level while approaching potential sponsors. Generally what happens is, most sports team approach for cash in exchange for promotion deal with sponsors. Consider what you want to get out of the sponsorship and decide whether it’s pure monetary gain or if your team could benefit in other ways. However, some sponsors might be afraid of the risk. Don’t be money minded.

Assure your sponsors with low perceived risk by offers in return. To keep long term sponsors, offer them that you will put the company’s name on the player’s jerseys, banner at your home court, field, pool or wherever you play. Include logo and link on your website as well as on all printed materials and promote them through social media. Create a web page to promote their business in one venture. Set up a Facebook or Twitter account specifically for your team and have daily posts that media people and players can easily repost or re-tweet.

You can sell tickets for a lower price, to get a large number of audience. This will make small businesses more likely to participate as the financial risk is much lower and the gain can be even greater for them.

Go out and Search them

Sponsorship is the best way to get a reliable financial support for your team. As well as it can help your team to get proper equipment and also transportation to your game days. This post above to help you find sponsors for your team.

Classifying Sponsors

As aforesaid, whenever you attend a tournament you come across with brand name and logos. Everytime you visit, mark the position and the visibility of a logo change this is due to lot of factors such as the investment made.

Let’s discuss about the different kinds of sponsors we can find:

  • Leading (main) Sponsor: This category represents the highest contributor for a sponsee. For example – Soccer teams such as Barcelona or Everton sponsors are willing to spend more than $55 million a season to be displayed in their jersey.
  • Common Sponsor: These are the enormous contributor, contributing up to 50% of the total sponsorship revenue, this kind of sponsors easily get media coverage and license rights.
  • Solemn Sponsor: These are smaller contributor and generally acknowledged by it’s category: Official Insurance partner and so on
  • Information Sponsor: Sponsors taking care of PR, media coverage and marketing.

Benefits of Sport Sponsorship :

  • Benefits for your Team – What your team get out of this is, goods, money any other material help. You can invest their contribution for your uniforms, travel costs, equipment, hotel accommodation and whatever your needs are.
    Some sponsors might donate refreshments like(energy drinks) for events. Or if they can avail any service to the team for e.g a bus company who transports you to away games for free.
  • Benefits for the Company – Sponsoring teams and events gives companies positive exposure. As this activity can help company to increase their brand awareness or visibility addressing a huge target. As a result it will increase their sales and no. of customers.
    Publicity factor- It create good exposure. When company’s name is on limelight it is fortunate that media will take about them, hence people will share news on social networks. Indeed a bonus for the company.
    Increase in company brand loyalty- From the research it is found that fans of a particular team are more willing to buy from the sponsor than from its competitor as a result it leads to customers being less sensitive to premium prices.


Hoping, these above process will help to figure out what you can offer to potential sponsors as well as how to find and approach them.

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