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Here is a collection of various types of fabrics good for making t-shirts. The fabric of the t-shirt will decide on the fit and washability of the t-shirt, it will also decide if it can be printed on well or not. The fabric should be considerably durable and comfortable to wear.

01. Cotton

Cotton is one of the most common materials used to make t-shirts. It gives a nice combination of softness, breathability as well as affordability. Like all fabrics, there are various types of cotton such as combed cotton, organic cotton etc. However, its downside is that it shrinks after the first wash.

  1. Combed Cotton – It is a bit more expensive than the basic cotton but is the softest. These cotton fibers are treated especially before spinning into the yarn.
  2. Organic Cotton – Organic cotton is still popular because of its high production. Its production maintains soil fertility which requires few fertilizers and pesticides to grow this cotton. The upside is that it is environment friendly and is super soft but it costs a lot more than other variants.
  3. Supima Cotton – Supima cotton is grown exclusively in America and is very soft to touch as well as is durable. It is considered one of the highest qualities of cotton available because it resists pilling, fading and stretching.
  4. Slub Cotton – It looks twisted and knotty as if there are lumps in the fabric but that what’s unique about it. It is light, soft and has a texture to it that many appreciate.
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02. Linen

Made from the flax plant, linen is relatively rougher than cotton which is common in making shirts but not so much in making t-shirts. However, it is common in making jackets and suits. The fabric wrinkles easily and is a very lightweight material which also dries up quickly making it a good choice of fabric for making summer clothing.

The textured weave of the linen is a credit to the flax plant from which it comes. It is breathable and lightweight because it wicks moisture. It is known that linen gets stronger when it is damp and with each wash, it gets softer.

03. Polyester

This is a synthetic fiber which is common in making sports apparel. It dries out faster, is breathable and doesn’t wrinkle. The fiber also holds its shape very well. However, a common choice for making sports wear, it is as comfortable as cotton or linen material. Moreover, it is a really strong fabric that doesn’t get mold or mildew. For those who hate chores such as laundry and ironing will appreciate polyester clothing.

04. Lycra

It’s a stretchy material added to t-shirts to give it a good athletic fit. It makes athletic clothing and other fabric fit well on the body and also allows easy movement.

05. Rayon

This is yet another man-made material made from a blend of cotton and other woody plants. It was first made as a cheaper type of silk which has a smooth feel and like polyester, it is a good material for athletic and outdoor wear for its lightweight feel on the skin.

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However, on the downside, the rayon don’t last much longer than other alternatives. Rayon is a great fabric for those who love silk but want at a cheaper price. Rayon is woven or knit to be silky and a breathable fabric that drapes easily. It is also great for dying and is highly absorbent. However, it wrinkles easily and can shrink over time.

06. Modal

it’s a type of rayon made from a beechwood plant fiber which is distinctive silky feel and a beautiful drape. It dries out quickly after getting wet making it a great option for summer wear. The best part is it’s fade resistant and shrink-resistant and stays soft longer than regular rayon.

07. Cotton Blend

Poly and cotton blends are made from a mix of 50% polyester and 50% cotton, however, the ratio could vary. The blends bring the best of both worlds where it produces a breathable yet soft t-shirt. It tends to hold its shape well compared to other fabrics and is cheaper than 100% cotton.

08. Tri-Blends

A tri-blend is three fabrics i.e. cotton, polyester and rayon blended together to give a hybrid of the three weaved together. The advantage is that it can adopt the best quality of all three fabrics such as it is lightweight like rayon, soft like cotton and holds its shape like polyester. Tri-blends produce some of the best t-shirt with high-fashion style, durability, comfort and at a cost-effective price.

Related Questions

What is the most durable fabric? Microfiber and canvas are two of the most durable fabric used in furniture. Its tight weave allows little dust, dirt, and liquid to penetrate.

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What is the most comfortable fabric for clothes? Cotton, linen, ramie, and weave of silk are some of the most comfortable fabric for clothes.

Is polyester as breathable as cotton? Cotton is considerably more breathable than polyester. It is both breathable and cool to the skin.

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