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Last Updated on: 15th February 2024, 06:55 pm

To make an eCommerce success, you should maintain quality service in terms of product, services, support, customer loyalty, etc. Here you can go through some common rules to set up a successful t-shirt website:-

  • Ease of use- Your customers should know what you sell. Therefore, your website must be clean, have easy navigation, high-quality product images, title, description. All contribute to a good website.
  • Professional:- An eCommerce store cannot be like a meme or a funny website. Your website should look professional and ordered for serious selling business.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Not only the user but also Google friendly. Use relevant keywords, meta description, that ranks your site in the top search list. The ranking is not only dependent on keywords, but it is only a part. Moreover, it is a subject of digital marketing. If you are a newbie, better hire an SEO guy.

Top 5 Tips to Make a Successful T-shirt Selling Website:

Let’s go ahead and get started with the first tip on how to sell t-shirts fast

1. Follow Trends:

If you want to get quick t-shirt sales is to find and follow trends now

There are a couple of different ways that you can use to find trends. The first one is probably the easiest it’s going to be when you’re on social media. Whether that’s Instagram Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

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You see things that start to come up as a pattern now Yes, this is going to be a good way to find things that are going viral

However, typically by the time you see it. That may be a little bit too late to create t-shirt designs and actually profit from this so this brings us to the way that

We personally like to use it to find trends. This is called Google. Trends what Google Trends is going to allow you to do is see trends before they hit the masses.

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Google Trends will show you based on Google searches. What is breaking out? What is becoming very popular very quickly?

Instantly as it’s happening. What this allows you to do is find trends that look like they would be good for t-shirts and you could create designs on them. Make designs about them before it goes viral.

2. Find Good Niches:

Now, this brings us right into the second tip and this is making sure that you are finding good niches now.

It definitely holds true that you can create great designs in any niche no matter how competitive and still get sales on.

However, the more competitive niches typically take a long time for you to even break into them and start seeing sales

So for those of you who are looking to get t-shirt sales fast.

You’re going to have to find niches that are not very saturated

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Now what this means for you is you can create great designs and put them out there with only a few other competitors

So when someone goes and looks for a design, if yours is a good design, you’re only competing against a few other people

So your odds of getting that sale are a lot higher. Now again there are going to be different tools out there that you can use to find good niches.

Competition is looking like however, the one that I personally use is called merchants former they have a Competition checker tool. They even offer a free trial so you can go try it for free and you can find your first few niches completely for free without paying.

The reason that I recommend merchants former for this is because it’s specifically for print on men and t-shirts.

It’s not taking the entire Google search engine search data. It’s only taking print-on-demand search data.

Additionally, you don’t have to read between any lines some of the other tools. You’re going to get full search data

So you have to kind of figure out what that means for t-shirts. However, with the competition checker on merchants former.

It’s too competitive and then to make it even better

Once you find a niche that you like that has a score you can scroll down and find the current top 10 best-selling designs in that niche.

These will give you inspiration for creating your own designs and show you who you are competing against now.

3. Influencer:

The third tip I have for you is a really big tip and that is to hire.

Influencers if you’re looking to sell t-shirts fast now typically I’m not one to recommend spending money on paid

Advertising especially if it’s paid Facebook ads or paid Instagram ads.

However, if you’re looking to get sales fast, you may need to spend a little money on advertising.

Now, you  can definitely still stand behind not paying for Facebook ads or Instagram ads as a beginner

However, if you are going to spend money on advertising in my experience the best way that you can spend it.

Especially as a beginner is an influencer in your niche.

Briefly, how this works if you go on to any social media platform? If you find people with big accounts in that niche that you are making your design in you can reach out to them in a

A number of different ways. You may have to direct message them you may have to find their business email and contact them there or you can go to their website and find a contact form.

And just know that when you reach out to these influencers, they get a ton of messages every day.

So you can expect somewhere around 10 percent of them to respond and it may take a few days until you get that response.

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However, the idea here is you ask them for their rates of how much it costs for them to feature one of your posts.

Page to their audience now if you’re starting out as a beginner try not to spend anything over $20.00.

It can be very tempting and very easy to find a really big page and they ask a high number because they have a huge following in your specific niche.

However, as a beginner, as you’re just starting here.

It isn’t a good idea to spend a lot of money right at the start now with that said since the response rate.

From the influencers is generally going to be pretty low. You may need to reach out to quite a few

So if you reach out to 10 or 20 different influencers that may yield just a few of them to respond to you and that way you have a couple of options to choose from.

Now once you’ve gone through these first three tips you found trends that you could potentially make designs on you’ve looked to find good niches.

And you found influencers in those niches now.

4. Good T-shirt Designs:

It’s time to move into tip number four.

The fourth tip is making sure that your designs are actually good. the vast majority of sellers completely overlooked this one

It’s very easy to think that just at first glance. Your designs are good enough to be bought.

However, when you look at the other designs you’re competing against you have to make sure that your designs are as good or better than theirs.

This can easily become the hardest part because you have to be really honest with yourself.

You’re the one creating the designs and if you ask family members or friends how it looks

They’re almost always going to say it looks good because they don’t want to say anything that could potentially hurt your feelings.

So you have to make sure that you are looking at your designs and analyzing them against the competitors to make sure that they are actually.

Good enough to be bought if you do all of these other tips, but you don’t have good designs

No one is going to buy them with that being said also make sure that you’re not using any copyrighted content in your design

So no brand logos, no song lyrics, no quotes, and nothing that could potentially get you in trouble or get your design taken down again.

5. Have good mockup photos:

Make sure that you have good mock-up photos.

This is another thing that a lot of people overlook because they don’t want to spend the money.

However, these mock-ups are essential especially if you’re going to be hiring an influencer

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If you’re not familiar with what? Mock-ups are essentially you create your t-shirt design. Therefore, you need t-shirt design software.

That you could choose from now the key here is that you take the photos of the mock-ups that look like real people

Wearing your designs and that is the photo that you give to the influencer to post on their page

This is where it comes full-circle when you hire that influencer. They’re going to ask you for a post.

What is the picture in the caption that you want them to post on their page now?

Most people will just screenshot the shirt that they have for sale and send that to the influencer.

However, that is going to be leaving so many t-shirt sales on the table the way you have to think about.

This is psychological if you are an Instagram user and you’re on Instagram.

Scrolling through and you see a post from someone that you follow but it’s just a photo of a t-shirt.

You only have a split second for your mind to decide.

Do I want to stop and look at this or keep scrolling if it’s just a photo of a t-shirt?

You may not even look at who posted it and you’ll just scroll right past it because you think it’s an advertisement

However, if that’s a photo of a mock-up and it shows a person wearing a shirt with a caption.

Then it is far more likely to stop and look at that image to see who the person is.

Analyze that photo and see if they like the shirt read the caption and actually click over and go buy that t-shirt

So with that said if you are going to be hiring an influencer

Please send them a mock-up photo where it’s actually intriguing and you’ll get a lot more sales in a much higher

Conversion rate than just sending them a screenshot of the t-shirt.

Final Words:

So guys. I hope this helped. Those are 5 tips to help you to start selling t-shirts successfully.

For those of you who have been watching other videos on this channel, you know that this is not the main strategy that I recommend works time and time again it just takes time.

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Is the t-shirt selling business profitable?

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