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Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become the US retailer’s most important online shopping days of the year. Online sales on Thanksgiving day hit a record of $5.1 billion. Which is 21.5% more from last year’s sales. More than any other day and close to 100 percent more visits than the average day over the last 12 months. Roughly, 52 percent of this web traffic comes from mobile devices. 

How to Boost “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” Sales? Follow these marketing tactics to boost Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales:

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  • Learn from the past
  • Creating Suspense
  • Advertising with Emails
  • Respect previous customers
  • Social media Promotions
  • Mobile compatible website
  • Know your competitors
  • Compromising profits vs Discounts
  • Convert Customers to your promoters
  • Free shipping

1. Learn from the past:

  • Find ways to promote your business to convert into high traffic using popular keywords, content, and promotion leads. This technique will give you a brief idea so that you can frame strategies on how you should start your business this season.
  • As per the Retail Dive report 2018, Black Friday is going to become the busiest online shopping day in the history of the United States, which is more likely to overtake sales on Cyber Monday. Hence, your site should easily handle huge online traffic without any lag.

2. Creating Suspense:

  • Start your holiday campaign on Black Friday and Cyber Monday by generating a spark in sales by using powerful psychological influences such as limited product availability or scarcity at heavy discount prices for registered customers. The registration creates an urgency for customers to register themselves before the deadline of the registration date.
  • You can do this by establishing a brand teaser, an appeal, and a distinctive hashtag to monitor your promotion for pre-sale. Use content that sparks curiosity, but just don’t offer it at a time. If you construct excitement efficiently before the hits of Black Friday, your crowd will be prepared to purchase your item as quickly as the sale starts.

3. Advertising with Emails:

Email open rates rise 60 percent on Black Friday as everyone is looking for deals from distinct products. Don’t miss this golden chance. Double your email game by offering discounts, promotional codes, invitations, offers, etc, accompanied by an excellent bid, adding to the landing page of your website.

A landing page is termed as a page on your website where they get offers or discount coupons in exchange for their personal information like Name, Email ID, etc.

4. Respect previous customers:

A first-time buyer of your product is what you should not be satisfied with. A business grows when the same customer makes a second purchase from your store. Therefore, entice your previous customers with exclusive offers such as special discounts or free gifts, that makes them feel special and appreciated buyers. Your sales may increase manifold by this practice.

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5. Social media Promotions:

Social media brings the public to a commonplace. This is the best platform to advertise your product either for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Just like with emails, you can share coupons, promotions, contests, and your best Black Friday deals on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Use applicable hashtags such as #cybermonday or #blackfriday, to convert the public into your traffic.

6. Mobile compatible website:

  • As we previously discussed, 52 percent of web traffic comes from mobile devices. Therefore, make sure that you have your website optimized according to different mobile devices and their varied screen size. Here, optimizing your website making your website mobile friendly and most importantly, quick loading time.  
  • Your website should not only be mobile but also be user-friendly. Whenever users enter your website, they should be easily able to find what they are looking for. Remember that people are going to view your page, emails, and social content on mobile devices, so make sure they are displayed properly.

7. Know your competitors:

If you realize all of your rivals are going to offer deals on a specific item, try to do something else to prevent going into a battle of competition. Think of ways you can distinguish yourself, whether providing a low-cost item for free with the buy, free gift packaging, pick-up in-store, or even just offering a more distinctive product.

8. Compromising profits vs Discounts:

If you are not a larger retailer, you cannot afford to slash prices everywhere, but to enjoy the benefits of holiday shopping you don’t need to do that. That might genuinely harm your earnings. Instead, attempt using a preferential discount scheme with high discounts for your higher-priced and highly demanding products.

9. Convert Customers to your promoters:

  • Do not limit your sales to only discounts on the occasion of Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Increase your market share, traffic, and sales by using customers as your promoters, which brings in more customers on such special occasions. The best way to do this is “referral discount coupons.
  • What is a referral discount coupon?
  • When customers purchase products from your store, they can avail of exclusive discount offers only when they refer the same or any similar product from your online store to their friends, relatives, loved ones, etc. The more references they give, the more discount coupons they could avail themselves.

Therefore, this is one of the best-known practices that not only add but multiplies your customers to increase traffic to your online store. 

10. Free shipping:

Usually, shipping rates are charged to customers whose purchase value is below the threshold limit or based upon the product weight. However, you can offer free shipping on any product for special occasions of Black Friday or Cyber Monday.


As per the Retail Dive report 2018, Black Friday is going to become the busiest online shopping day in the history of the United States, which is more likely to overtake sales on Cyber Monday. Hence, your site should easily handle huge online traffic without any lag.

To get the best out of this opportunity, you must run banners or tags advertising exclusive sales for Black Friday or Cyber Monday at the top of your homepage. This makes your purpose clearly visible to the public and so you can make the best profit you can.

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