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Last Updated on: 29th September 2022, 11:28 am

The festive season is coming. Is your web-to-print store ready to take off and boost customer spending for the upcoming Back Friday and Cyber Monday sales? If not, then it is high time to get your web2print eCommerce storefront ready.

We will share all the plans and strategies which you can implement to make more conversions and sales this holiday season.

The Significance of Black Friday Cyber Monday for Product Decorators:

The Philadelphia police department coined the phrase “Black Friday” in 1950. It made reference to the mayhem that occurred during seasonal sales when extra traffic and crowds required police officers to work long shifts.

The perception of Black Friday has drastically changed in the modern day because of internet holiday shopping. Nowadays, most people choose to shop online while relaxing in their homes.

How to Take over your competitors? Increased Buying! 
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In the print-on-demand sector, not having to maintain a physical inventory might be a huge advantage. They won’t also have to be concerned about running out of supplies.

Sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been sharply rising for several years.

Strategies for Web-to-Print Stores to Boost Sales on Black Friday Cyber Monday:

1. Prepare before the onset of the festive season:

Starting easily as possible helps you prepare strongly for the year’s biggest shopping event by marketing your offers.

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One of the first places to start advertising is social media. Second, comes Google ads. The main attraction/subject of advertisement remains the product customization feature. Allow customers to customize products from your online storefront through a product designer tool.

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This will catch the interest of potential customers. Additionally, use targeted offers to remarket your offers in the festive season.

Your company won’t be unfamiliar to your audience in this way.

2. Multi-channel advertisement is the key:

You penetrate into everybody’s mind through advertisement. In addition to traditional forms of advertising like posters, billboards, and flyers, use social media and digital marketing.

The online audience is expanding. To pique their interest, employ TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google AdWords, emails, and SMS in addition to free and paid social media channels.

3. Offer more than mere discounts:

The only way for a business to succeed is not by giving customers at low prices. Increase the perceived value of your goods and services in the eyes of your clients in an effort to sway them.

Emphasize the reliability, aesthetics, and practicality of your products.

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Make sure to provide them with excellent print customization options by enabling them to use the web to print product design software with customizable design templates.

Offer special, seasonal, and free delivery for purchases that exceed a certain threshold.

4. Optimize your Website to prevent a breakdown during the show:

Test your website’s capacity for concurrent users both during and after business hours.

This will assist you in avoiding any potential sales bottlenecks.

It would be much better if you have data from a previous Black Friday event. That data can be used to conduct testing and create benchmarks.

You’ll also discover whether the website needs any optimizations.

5. Display the Discount Offers on the Home Page or Landing Page:

Your discount deals are the main highlights. You must display it on your landing/pre-launch and home page.

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Promote your offers in the days and weeks leading up to the major sale event to acquire an advantage over competitors.

It is simple to tease customers with offers, collect their contact information, and advertise upcoming sales using pre-launch pages.

6. Get Uplifted with Influencers:

Add some influencers to the mix so that you may expand your reach. Don’t, however, limit yourself to Instagram influencers.

Engage social media influencers as well, as their engagement rate outperforms that of all social media platforms.

7. Product Bundling & Upselling:

Upselling and product bundling are fantastic strategies for enhancing the value of the orders and increasing income.

You can give clients mixed package discounts on the days before the sale, which are more well-liked and productive.

Products can be purchased separately or in mixed bundles by customers. You may suggest products to clients they’re likely to adore by using a data-driven method to develop personalized landing pages. This will assist you in upselling and clearing out overstock.

8. Personalization is the main highlight:

Gather user information from subscribers and website visitors to produce personalized emails that include product recommendations. Customers adore having a hand in creating items.

Offer personalization by including an online design tool on your web-to-print website. Customers will be assisted in creating and editing their preferred designs. Deliver the right products to potential customers at the right moment.

9. Retargeting:

During the Black Friday and Cyber Monday buying frenzy, you can experience cart abandonment troubles; therefore, a retargeting plan will result in increased sales.

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You can segment your consumer base and send enticing offers to devoted clients. Additionally, if there is a problem with cart abandonment, send customers an email with discounts.

Additionally, use social media ads to gently encourage clients who have seen the bargains but refrained from buying.

10. Small Mistakes May Result Big. Avoid them!

Human error is inevitable. Human errors are responsible for 90% of data breaches. A design category could get mistakenly deleted or altered.

Therefore, it is vital to be prepared before a small error is taken out of context and causes a data disaster. Hiring a skilled graphic editor will help if you don’t mind spending a little more money.

Final Words:

The busiest shopping days of the year are Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As you don’t need an inventory and the supply never runs out, it offers a great benefit for your print-on-demand store.

In the weeks before to BFCM, a targeted approach, ad campaigns, email marketing, and social media marketing ensure increased lead conversion and income.

Additionally, integrate an online design tool from ImprintNext into your web-to-print software to provide personalisation, making your website more enticing for clients. As users may create their own designs, it will draw a huge demand.

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Do you have printers? Are those printers sitting idle?

Become a Print-on-Demand dropshipping app like Printful or Printify. Dropship your merchants' orders.

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