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Last Updated on: 6th April 2024, 01:41 am

This holiday season appears to be bringing businesses wonderful dividend fortune in addition to all the happiness and joy. As per Adobe, holiday sales online are expected to surpass $200 billion globally.

This is due to the fact that almost everyone in the world is looking for a unique present for their loved ones.

And consider how much money your company could make if it was successful in finding one for them. Large, huh?

By stocking your shelves with more specialized and customized merchandise, you may make this idea a reality. Because personalization is one of the most important characteristics that decide the ideal gift, according to 80% of gift buyers.

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Why Personalized Products Are Popular On Christmas?

Today, personalized products are a popular choice for celebrations. Custom or personalized product searches such as coffee mugs, photo albums, tumblers, t-shirts, etc have increased by 146% on Etsy, an eCommerce platform that sells handmade goods, crafts, and other unusual stuff.

1. Offer a Unique Experience To The Buyer:

Because people are more likely to remember a thoughtful and unique gift than a generic and store-bought one, 66% of people believe that giving a heartfelt gift to loved ones can help to foster long-lasting relationships. Giving such gifts so increases the purchasers’ satisfaction. Additionally, 40% of respondents stated that if a gift is personalized for them, they will cherish it forever.

You must set up your store to provide such an experience, as 65% of customers say that receiving a personalized present makes them happier than receiving a generic one.

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And integrating a product designer tool is the ideal way to do it.

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You can provide your customers the option to independently design the products using this tool. With this tool’s straightforward UI and limitless options, users can simply modify anything and everything, from a straightforward pen to fashionable clothing.

They can browse the vast collection of clipart and ready-made templates to create their gifts using Christmas-specific themes. They can even upload their preferred photos and add special messages.

2.  Grab the holiday vibes opportunity:

Christmas holidays are more about expressing emotions such as love and care than gifting lavish and expensive presents. This is why 4 out of 5 Americans would give a personalized gift to a family member for the holidays.

As Christmas brings the family together, presenting them with something personal rather than some store presents can make the festival even more memorable.

Gifting a personalized sweater with a heartfelt message on it can make the receiver feel more special than a simple Christmas-themed winter pullover.

3. Perfect for All Age Groups:

Personalized presents are a perfect fit for every age group. With the help of customization, your customers can gift a similar type of product with different messages and themes to their friends and family members of various age groups.

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For example, if someone is looking for a cute present for their little one, they can select a mug from your product catalog and add their child’s favorite Christmas character to the same. They can also insert a heartfelt message to make it more special.

allow your customers to create heartfelt and unique presents easily from any device. Using this tool they can add their personal touch to any product present in your product catalog.

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Even if you already have an up-and-running store, you can integrate this tool easily into it. Thus this tool will help you deliver a variety of personalized products this holiday season without even making any significant changes to your existing e-commerce store.

4. The trend among young generations:

There are occasionally new trends among Generation Z. The custom of giving customized goods as gifts on particular occasions, however, has endured.

Sentimentality and specialization are common themes for the presents that young people wish to offer because 88% of them think that giving loved ones gifts during the holidays is a way to show them how much they appreciate them.

In addition, a survey by CPC Strategy identifies Gen Z as a demographic that really plans to spend more during the Christmas season, but the same study also adds that 66% of Gen Z is constrained by a budget of less than $250.

The facts listed above show that they are interested in finding inexpensive customized products. With such a high intent to spend, it is crucial for any retail business to provide what this generation group wants.

5. Corporate Benefits:

Employees hope for some recognition from their bosses during the Christmas season in addition to a much-needed respite. Additionally, people are inspired when their company gives them a more unique gift rather than a generic one.

Therefore, businesses are likewise looking for more specialized and customized gifts for their staff. Additionally, sending unusual presents with the company brand imprinted on them is a successful marketing tactic for businesses. This is one of the factors that contribute to the corporate logo being put on 73% of employee holiday presents.

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But it can be a bit difficult to give each employee a personalized present. And with the use of our advertising product tool, you can easily assist customers in overcoming this obstacle.

Using this tool, they can quickly add logos and custom text to any stationery item. Additionally, they can use the changeable data printing feature to print each employee’s name on the gifts. Additionally, with the add-to-cart feature offered by this application, they are able to use a single design across a variety of products and place an order for them all at once.

As a result, you may assist businesses in upping the ante on their gift-giving with our Promotion Product Tool – A one-stop shop for all customized business gifts.

6. Time to Gear up for this Christmas and New Year:

One of the finest methods for your company to win over customers is by assisting them in overcoming their difficulties, as people aren’t looking for items so much as solutions to their problems.

The hardest thing for them to do at Christmas is to select thoughtful and emotional gifts for their loved ones.

Consequently, sending customized goods may be the ideal option for sending such gifts. That could eventually increase your company’s sales and assist you in bringing in more money during the Christmas season.

So, utilize this revenue-generating opportunity by incorporating a Product design tool into your current web store . It enables your customers to personalize their ideal products. You can even launch your own business right away to take advantage of this fantastic Christmas sales opportunity.

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Do you have printers? Are those printers sitting idle?

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