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Personalized gifts have undoubtedly become an important player in the world of presents. If it can render ordinary gifts unique by graving some specific name or inserting some soothing bars, what can anyone not love?

All of the gifts are about expressing the emotions with a present, looking like a perfect match to the item right away.

You can offer Personalized gifts to almost everyone like ladies, men, babies, the disabled, etc. because they are for everybody.

So, if you wonder how to go start selling personalized gift business then we are here to help you go for it.

In fact, if you go according to studies that show people find personalized products has to have more value than their non-personalized counterparts.

How to Take over your competitors? Increased Buying! 
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As per a study made by Deloitte, more than 50% of consumers expressed interest in purchasing customized products or services.

Selling Personalized Gifts Are the Best for Your Online Store:

Although, the survey reveals the high demand for personalized items, let us find out why is it so:-

01. You build a personal connection with people:

Gifts are the most affordable ways to show affection and improve personal connection. In fact, scientific study says that “you get more satisfaction and joy by giving gifts than receiving it”.

Therefore personalizing gifts is like applying cream onto the cake that makes it beautiful and tastier.

Personalization makes a unique that helps people to make their relationships come true and establish a special connection with someone they love.

That’s what a personalized gift does: build a bond, rejoice and enhance it with time. Certainly, a person who receives a personalized gift will certainly never forget how much they love to have such a beautiful relationship.

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02. The all-season seller:

Giftings are not only confined to festive seasons but only for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc. So, it is 365 days of high in-demand business.

Furthermore, allowing customers to personalize gifts reduces their burden on buying something special for their loved ones.

Yes, it is a burden to search for the unique item from thousands of gifts. With personalization, people can make unique designs, write names and dedicate their loved ones.

When a person receives a personalized gift, he/she feels that the person who gave it to them put a lot of thought and imagination to make them feel special.

03. Selling personalized gifts be perfect for your business:

Starting a custom gift business is a perfect idea for any person. The business is relatively inexpensive to start as compared to other businesses.

If you think to start your own, then you are not going to pay a high price for it.

For instance, you want to sell personalized greeting/invitation cards. You can purchase plenty of blank greeting and invitation cards from ClearBags or a nearby shop that fits your business purpose.

You can also get in touch with other blank gift suppliers like RCS Blanks, duracard, etc.

04. How to start a personalized gift business?

Personalized gift business is a viable option for anyone to become an entrepreneur. There are various printing methods associated with personalized gifts like inkjet printing, engraving, embroidery, debossing and embossing, etc.

Most, you need a personalization tool that your customers can use to design products in your online store.

When starting with this business, focus on overall business goals and future initiatives you should take to ensure success.

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Here are a few business strategies you should follow:-

05. Outline your business plan:

Make an accurate business plan that follows at least 6 months. Go through economic magazines, newspapers, and surveys to study the industry trends keeping a view on the progress of your competitors.

At present Etsy and Shutterfly can be your greatest competitors especially if you are a beginner. Moreover, inspect what these competitors offer.

Find ways to distinguish your business such as provide customizable packaging or search for special products to differentiate your business.

06. Pricing:

Look what your competitors charge. Estimate your pricing based on the following checklist:-

  • Cost of blank gifts
  • Type of printing method chosen and with the printing cost
  • Packaging and shipping expenses.
  • Add your profit margin

At initial stages, you should compromise your profit margin to get noticed among people.

As a serious business person, prepare monthly financial statements, income, and cash flow data.

07. Market your business:

Create a brochure/catalog of products you sell and how can people customize it.

Target your business to local and online buyers at forums, groups, and advertising with Google Ads.

08. Social media marketing:

Social media is free to use and easy to access for anyone. Share photos of your gifts, invitation and greeting cards to inspire your customers with the personalization feature you provide.

After a customer makes a purchase from you, invite them to write feedback.

Feedback acts like a magnet. People may not believe you, provided you receive positive customer feedback.

09. Send Email:

Email is a powerful marketing tool that lets you approach anyone’s email with no permission/authentication required.

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Indeed social media is popular, but studies say Email marketing has a click-through-rate of 22.86% as compared to social media which is hardly 0.58%.

Therefore, email marketing is effective to that social media sharing. However, you should not ignore the later because you nned to draw traffic from all spheres within web.

10. Offer discounts through referrals:

Let customers promote your business. If customers love your products, then it is easy. Offer customers discount coupons if they share your website across social media through a referral code.

If a new customer comes with that referral code, you offer a discount coupon on a future order to that person.

11. Customer Service:

Selling personalized gifts online without customer service, won’t work.

Customer service is a huge trustworthy factor as to why people will do business with you.

Delivery information in time, speedy recovery of issues, therefore conversation with customers makes a positive experience.


Custom gifts are more empathetic and special than generic gifts. So, why would anyone select something that takes more time, effort, and money if they do not make a wonderful personal gift?

Customizable gifts are the best way to show affection and that is the primary reason that can increase the value of your online store.

How to Take over your competitors? Increased Buying! 
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