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Undoubtedly, eCommerce is growing tremendously and expected to cross $6 trillion in market size by 2027.

Isn’t the figure huge to get an idea of where we are heading? Indeed, it imposes a huge challenge the way you do business. That is to say, you won’t be the only one to be a part of this huge market.

How to Take over your competitors? Increased Buying! 
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Like you, there are millions of marketplaces around the world that compete with each other to gather the crowd at their hoard. And it may be, you won’t be able to even set up a proper online market or find a prominent place within a huge crowd.

And it won’t be wrong to say that this is not just a crowd, but competition for you.

Now, eCommerce is not only about selling merchandise but capabilities. And, are you equipped with that? If you are not, indeed you are putting your business at risk.

In such a case, what do experts say? Let us jot down what it means to be a successful eCommerce retailer at current times.

Are you just selling merchandise?

Everybody used to say that eCommerce is all about selling products online. That’s it! As time proceeds, opinion differs from the situation.

In this situation, what do we experience now? You are right! It is a pandemic. And, that has halted the steady fast-growing eCommerce business.

But a point to be noted! It has taken aback the traditional methods for buying and selling items in just a few months.

And what is all modern about eCommerce? It has become a global marketplace connected digitally to supply from medications and groceries to grooming and apparel items. Nothing is left, that forces a person to walk through a nearby shop.

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Indeed, the public health risk has further added to the consumer’s responsibility of just sitting on the couch and buying everything at the doorstep. Ironically, a responsibility in luxury.

But, it isn’t what the consumers are buying just looking at the product and its price tag. They search for the cheapest. And, in such cases, your competitors gain your sale. Ultimately, you lose.

Security against: Cyber and Community?

It is not just about prices, but the security you provide for hassle-free and secure checkout.

With 24/7 sure access to your online store, consumers want a quick delivery option that makes not much difference between purchasing online vs. any nearby store. Indeed, no one wants to put their family at risk.

Moreover, if you keenly observe, the decorated apparel industry has even greater to offer consumers.

Custom Decorated Apparel & Ecommerce:

The apparel industry in eCommerce has a lot more to offer than just a t-shirt or any related item. When people wear t-shirts that are printed with funny pictures, lines, slogans, and creative art which they won’t find in their local market place.

It brings in curiosity among other consumers to jump to these stores or sell custom decorated apparel. But, how could they find such print shops who sell custom decorated apparel, and; that has set a benchmark in both the online or offline apparel industry.

No worries.! If you wonder about those retailers who sell custom decorated apparel and you as a retailer, desire to upgrade your business like them, you have come to the right place. It is time that the trend follows you, not you following them.

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Become a Retailer of Custom Decorated Apparel:

Your customers won’t be interested in simply buying a t-shirt(for instance) from you unless they find something creative. They will be more interested in creating designs on garments. So, you can give them access to the online product designer where they can use thousands of artwork to create designs on their product in real-time.

However, if you have some idea about any custom product designer in the market, the point above will sound monotonous. And you may ask? The world is craving for Artificial Intelligence. Why is it lagging behind? Isn’t there any scope that makes both the retailer and the consumer’s work simple and easy? If so, then you are here for the right cause.

Take ImprintNext’s technology that uses Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.where consumers not only design with thousands of clipart, vector designs, text features, colors, and artwork upload features, but customers also make t-shirts completely their own and get a real-time view with augmented reality. But also helps them opt for the right print method based on the product type and order quantity.

When it manages your orders, inventory, workflow, and staffing, it is no less than a human managing your business with Artificial Intelligence.

More Buying:

When the store across digital platforms becomes easier and convenient, the end customer will be inclined to buy more from you. When your customers are happy with your service and efficiency, then get converted into repeat customers. And that is where they start buying more from you.

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The time when you were out of the competition, now you are a big picture and ahead of the pack.

Most importantly, when you start differentiating yourself from your competitors on the basis of service and technology, you get a high pitch in new leads.

Final Statement:

In the business today, eCommerce has achieved a feat in trade and merchandise, that reached each and every corner of the world.

If you disregard its influence, if you fail to proceed with it, then you cannot stay in power. This will destroy the boat you have stepped into.

There’s no question the pandemic ‘s effect on revenues across markets could be felt for months to come. But adopting the right e-commerce technology and e-commerce will help your business navigate the turbulence in the economy.

To help your business more than just to survive but to achieve a great deal at any time, ImprintNext offers product design Software powered by AI that makes your custom printing business fast, efficient and competitive among other online stores.

We do our best to make sure that your systems are more effective, your activities are more productive, and the effect you have on your clients is the most important.

How to Take over your competitors? Increased Buying! 
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