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Last Updated on: 26th November 2021, 09:48 am

Office stationary is a common demand among companies who typically order in bulk. In the old way, a company has to physically walk over to a print shop and order all the office stationery it needs for their promotional products. They would typically need more than one products which are to be designed separately and the company has to create the design for each product by a designer. This gradually becomes a tedious and unproductive process both for the customer and the print shops as everything has to be done manually.

Frustrated Customers:

There are many reasons why the traditional way is so frustrating to customers

  1. Time-consuming: Business organizations have to order each product one by one for all of their promotional products which would typically take a few days to order in a physical store. On the other hand, with an online store, it can be done in a few clicks and can be accomplished within an hour.
  2. Lost Interest: Business has little time to spend on menial work such as going to a store and placing an order which oftentimes discourages the business to drop the order midway. This way, traditional print shops lose their business for not having an easier online presence.
  3. Expensive Process: To get the designs ready for their office stationery they have to invest tons in hiring designers even if it’s as simple as putting a logo on the product. However, with an online store, it can be done in a few clicks without needing any designers.
  4. Cannot Make Changes: after the design has been finalized, it is expensive to make any changes if needed. Even for a simple change in the placement of the logo, the company has to run to the store again and make changes manually.
  5. Repeat Work: Businesses need customized office stationery for their promotional marketing ventures every year and often times the design is basically the same for all products. This means for a physical store, the companies have to repeat their work, again and again, every year. On the other hand, with an online store, the company has to spend almost no time as the designs are saved in the online store. They just have to repeat their order in the store.
  6. Frustrating Experience: Spending unnecessary time and money for simple and repetitive work often becomes a frustrating experience for businesses and not just that it also decreases their ROI in their marketing ventures.

Frustrated Print shops/Decorators:

  1. Few Customer Reach: A physical store has a very limited customer reach and especially with an office stationery customization business the print shops are dependent on other business so they have to have a store in a corporate area to reach maximum customers.
  2. Lost Sales: Physical print shops lose sales to their competitors in the area and also lose sales because they are not able to reach their customers.
  3. Sales are Seasonal: Business organization need customized office stationery products only a few times a year when they are going on an event or trade shows. Moreover, because the physical store gets sales from a selected few businesses within the area, they get seasonal sales in their niche and remain ideal for the rest of the year.
  4. Closed on Holidays: Physical stores have to stay closed on holidays and weekends, which is why they lose a large chunk of their sales.
  5. Time-Consuming: as everything is done manually it takes time to finalize and process the orders before final printing.
  6. Lost Branding Opportunity: manually accepting orders often lead to miscommunication which results in faulty prints. This discourages customers to do business in the future and eventually create a bad rep for their brand.
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Swamped Art Dept:

  1. Customer Dependency: customers are not aware of the printing process or the order process which is why the print shops have to employ a design team who would communicate with their customers to finalize the often faulty and unprintable designs sent by their customers.
  2. Receive Frequent Faulty Designs: The art department of the print shop is flooded with incomplete artwork, low-resolution designs and faulty images.
  3. Tedious Process: Before finalization, the incomplete designs are sent back and forth many times between the art department and the customers, which becomes unproductive and tedious for the print shops.
  4. Other lost Orders: This long and tedious process oftentimes discourages customers to drop their orders midway.

Lost (Sales + Time + Resources):

Lost Sales:

Print shops lose sales through multiple channels in the traditional way

  1. With the traditional way, the physical stores lose sales to their competitors in the area.
  2. Physical stores have a limited customer reach, therefore they have to branch out to other locations to reach more customers otherwise they lose sales.
  3. They lose a ton of sales because most businesses today prefer to order customized products online.
  4. Because of miscommunication oftentimes customers send low-quality designs which after being printed discourages the customers and they ask for returns.
  5. They lose sales on weekends and holidays, which is when the demand for customized office stationery is the highest.

Lost Time:

There are many ways physical print stores lose time

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  1. Physical stores lose time while processing the orders manually as they have to send back and forth the designs multiple times before finalization.
  2. Lack of continuous orders makes the shop ideal oftentimes.
  3. Manual and repetitive tasks take up a lot of time that is wasted in doing menial tasks.
  4. Most of the time is lost in taking and processing orders.

Lost Resources:

  1. Taking and processing orders take up a lot of manual work which needs more resources than needed.
  2. Some man-hours are lost in taking orders and finalizing the designs.
  3. Both resources and money is lost when orders are returned or discarded
  4. You need professionals to explain the print process to inexperienced customers.

Lost $:

  • Avg. income per hour = ~$750
  • Avg. income per 8 hour = ~$6,000
  • Potential $ lost during closed hours = ~$12,000/day
  • Additional man-hours to run the store = ~$1500/day
  • Avg. loss of money due to returns = ~$750/day

Total avg. money lost = ~$14,250/day or ~$427,500/month

Other disadvantages of the old way are that print shops are unable to make an impression on their customers. They rarely get any time or medium to market their brand and it prevents business expansion.

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How Product Designer Tool Fixes Your Problems?

Digital age:

  1. In the digital age, more than 80% of today’s businesses prefer to shop custom products online. So, digital presence is a must for today’s print shops.
  2. Online store with an office stationary customizer tool enables the physical store to capture a larger audience outside their demographics. They can accept orders from multiple cities and can go global with an online store.
  3. Print shops can stay open 24/7 and take orders even on holidays and weekends.
  4. Having an online store enables print shops to market online and run several online campaigns to reach more customers and get repeat sales.
  5. Online office stationery customizer tool comes with features and business tools that automate many repetitive works for which you will need fewer resources and time to process orders.
  6. Businesses will be able to customize promotional products on a mobile phone without wasting time going to a physical store.

Social Presence:

  1. Having social media presence immediately opens up doors to millions of potential customers in a short time.
  2. With social media, print shops can target their marketing efforts to a specific group as per their preference such as interest, age, gender, cities etc.
  3. Online stores can send their messages to thousands of customers in minutes.
  4. Businesses can connect to customers at a personal level to understand their needs better.

Customer reach to multiple demographics:

  1. Reach customers at multiple demographics with an online store. Reach your store’s full potential and continuous orders online from multiple locations.
  2. Take orders from different time zones.

Online Business Expansion:

  1. Having a strong online presence helps businesses to reach out to other global companies and expand their business.
  2. It also increases the chance of making a business noticeable to other potential business partners.
  3. As you can reach your customers directly you can run more efficient market research.
  4. Setup multiple stores in multiple languages and themes depending on the location.
  5. Add product to sell online in a few clicks.

More Sales:

  1. Online stationery customizer app enables your customers to design and customize their own products without any human intervention. As customers design
  2. their own products they will value the product highly and you will have more happy customers.
  3. Your customers will have a positive impression of the brand and the business will get repeat sales.
  4. Print shops are open 24/7 which is why they can accept orders during holidays and off-times.
  5. Boost sales with online campaigns such as email campaign, Google ads, social media ads, etc.
  6. Print shops can up-sales and cross-sales other promotional products online to their customers, which is not possible with physical stores.

More Productivity:

  1. By integrating office stationery customization app to your eCommerce store, you will be able to automate most of the repetitive work, which will decrease your need for resources and will make the order process and production efficiency.
  2. There is little to no human intervention which dramatically reduces the chances of human error.
  3. With an eCommerce store, you can easily integrate other third-party business tools and apps to make your business more productive.
  4. The virtual sample creation feature in the office stationery customization app enables businesses to visualize all products with their logo on it. This enables businesses to up-sale or cross-sale their products.
  5. Features such as low-resolution warning enable businesses to quickly resolve the issue of faulty images. As everything is done online it eliminates the lengthy process of sending back and forth the designs.
  6. Pricing, taxes and shipping rates are auto-calculated for the customers before placing an order, which reduces any chances of misunderstanding between the print shop and customers.
  7. Print shops receive well organized hot folders with print-ready files that make production easier and faster.
  8. Customers will get a real-time preview of the finished product in 3D which helps customers decide on their designs and you will have fewer returns and unhappy customers.
  9. Intuitive user-interface encourages customers to spend more time on the eCommerce site.
  10. It is seen that the average value per customer increases by 20% by integrating product designer tool. Businesses also receive more repeat customers.
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More $:

  • Avg. income per hour = ~$4500
  • The avg. income per 24 hour = ~$108,000
  • Avg. loss of money due to returns = ~$1500/day

Total avg. money earned = ~$93,000/day or ~$2,790,000/month

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Single/Bulk Orders:

  1. Office stationery customizer eCommerce app comes with quotation feature that enables you to accept bulk orders.
  2. Online stores receive both bulk and single orders round the clock.
  3. Online office stationery designer tool automatically produces print-ready files which makes production easier.
  4. Automate the process of taxes, shipping, with integrated apps.

Happy Customers:

  1. Customers love and remember the intuitive shopping experience which helps print shops to get more repeat sales and create happy customers.
  2. Easy artwork approval process makes the ordering process faster with less error.
  3. Customers design their own products, hence they would value their products highly and there are little chances of returns.
  4. Most satisfied customers mean fewer returns and less wastage of resources.

No Artwork Mistakes:

  1. Low-Resolution Warning – The office stationery designer tool automatically notifies customers if the uploaded image is not up to the benchmark.
  2. Customer communication portal – Enables businesses to directly connect with their customers to resolve any artwork mistakes in the ordering process.
  3. Artwork approval – It makes it easier for businesses and customers to finalize the artwork before production.

Better reviews:

  1. Facilitate customers to leave positive reviews on your online store and social media profiles.
  2. Positive feedback becomes a type of branding on its own.
  3. Shows your customer testimonials and feedbacks to new customers to create brand loyalty.

Give Your Customers a Better Shopping Experience:

Integrate office stationery customizer to your online store and give your customers better shopping experience. Let them design their own products, let them customize products from the mobile phone at the comfort of their house.

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Do you have printers? Are those printers sitting idle?

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