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Last Updated on: 26th November 2021, 09:47 am

One of the best sales and marketing methods we have used is mobile decoration. This form of setup allows you to take equipment to specialty events, trade shows, art shows, etc., and create custom-decorated pieces on the spot.

Two advantages of this form of operation are excellent profits and useful market visibility. However, before jumping in with both feet, you need to do the requisite research and planning.

The first step in mobile phone planning is to pick the right activities. Start by looking at your own business. Have you any specialty or niche markets?

If so, consider incidents related to these issues. For example, consider horse shows if you have customers on the equestrian market. However, you should also know the “language” and the difference between horse types. Furthermore, the more original, the better, many related designs are available. If the designs of your horse are incorrect, you can not sell them.

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Naturally, besides horse shows, there are several other activities. Boating and fishing shows are my special specialty. We have extensive experience and a great range of original boat and fish designs on this market, and we do very well.

The other decorators pick dog shows, auto shows, or air shows, soccer games, art shows, etc. Consider its facilities when you have an idea of the type of case.

1. First, answer these questions before you start:

Are you going to work outside or inside? Do you need a generator or is there power? Will the event have protection after hours? Does what can be sold have any restrictions? How many other decorators are there? How many participants? Require a license or a special permit for local sellers? What about tax? What about sales? All this can have an effect on your performance and your benefit.

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2. Niche varies with the region:

Details of who participates in the event and their purchasing habits are significant. We played with various shows and reduced it to a certain form (for us): boat shows, ideally geared towards saltwater.

The enthusiast of saltwater has a high income on average and is more prepared to spend money. In addition, fishers from saltwater typically name their boats and want to buy personalized items with the names and logos of their vessels.

What kind of details are you obtaining? Sadly, the safest approach is the practice. But some preliminary study is possible.

Visit the selected event to listen and look at it as a spectator. What do people tell and purchase? In common, crowded environments where they are not too worried about being noticed, people prefer to communicate their likes and dislikes.

3. Some don’t buy, they just browse:

Second, do they either invest money or navigate? The art shows and street festivals were our worst experiences. Instead of serious investors, it appears to draw families seeking dealings. (Serious buyers would generally pay an admission charge.)

Our best results were special shows targeted at a safe, disposable segment of the population. Then, pick the items you want to sell, and remember to buy something on the target market. Inventory expenditures should also be held attentive.

Pick products that have a high margin but are still easily sold every day so that if the event wasn’t as good as you anticipated you can get rid of them.

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4. Production Time matters:

Watch out for the time of development. Coffee mugs are excellent items all-around which practically every market is attracted to. But, compared to one minute for flat items a single bowl can take up to five minutes to press.

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This means that five flat objects can be pressed together with one cup. Visual attraction is another aspect to take into account inventory. If you have a range of product types and colors, the displays are far more entertaining and engaging. This can add additional costs to your stock but increases your sales potential.

Displaying fittings will increase the appearance of your company and highlight your goods. Second, decide how much space you have available by selecting the necessary fixtures.

Different types of goods need different display methods. A standard trade fair stand is 10’x 10′. Get a list of fixtures and search ideas. We use fixed fishing rods, boat images, trees, banners, etc. Also do not forget decorative objects.

5. You need this equipment:

The equipment is the next place. Sublimation devices are usually quick to transfer, so for events, they perform well. A heat press can be moved but it requires a table or stand for weight to help is the most difficult factor.

Know the power needed to execute it. Think of the materials you’ll need, too. How are you going to handle them? How far are you going to have to work? Shop for durable, stackable plastic containers that can be carried out from the local department stores when possible. If you actually remove the deck instead of unpacking a package, it saves a lot of time and frustration.

For example, we purchased and added wheels to a large double drawer cabinet. Substances in the top drawer and substrates were found in the lower drawer. The cabinet top was used as a processing area in addition to the storage.

6. Transportation of Equipment:

When you have invested in supplies, find a way to hold it all. The pickup truck is not wise to bring your tools, displays, and goods.

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Cargo trailers are possible to buy and re-sell at a reasonably affordable price, so shop for the one that fits your needs best. (Incidentally, a double-axle trailer offers a smoother ride than a single-axle one).

Look for a large trailer to act as a portable workshop for outdoor activities. Take into account integrated air conditioning, engine, lighting, etc. You will also need a wide dealership window on one side to order without leaving the car.

Whatever the size or layout of the car, the unit and containers need to be secured using a system. Padded braces have been mounted to protect our equipment and all in place are protected with belts.

The rest were kept using ratchet straps attached to D-rings installed in the walls of the vehicle.

7. Ensure better pricing:

Second, make sure customers have a clear price and selection process. Take a flat rate system without any hidden costs. The price of each item consists of the substrate, picture, and sales tax (when approved under state regulations). Focus on “round” numbers so if anyone pays with money, you can easily make a change.

8. Gain a little experience before you start:

You will be very overwhelming in your first busy exhibition, but with little practice. It can function quickly and effectively with the organization.

I’ve been involved in a variety of mobile service activities.

Few flops were made, but most encounters were very successful.

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We are successful in every show that we attend because we have tailored our efforts to a very particular market.

Just note that once you find the combination that works, there could be different events or items to try.

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