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Last Updated on: 18th January 2021, 11:24 am

Print order fulfillment services are quickly becoming the latest rage among new entrepreneurs who want to get into the decorated apparel business without much investment. Many entrepreneurs who have marketing and advertising skills but don’t have enough capital to invest in full-scale t-shirt printing, warehousing, etc., go for print fulfillment services.

Complete Web to Print Software

The concept is simple – Entrepreneurs create their website that is linked to a print fulfillment service. When a customer places an order, the order is sent to the fulfillment partner who would print the apparel, label with the brand name of the entrepreneurs’ website, and ship it directly to the customers.

Here are the Top 18 Print Fulfillment Services:

01. Printful:

Printful- Print fulfilment center

  • Easy Integration
    Integrate Printful with over 16 eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, Squarespace, etc.
  • Create Your Brand
    All products are customized and shipped with your brand name on the product, including labels, pack-ins, and other branding options.
  • Auto Order Import
    Orders placed on your eCommerce store is automatically imported to Printful without any human intervention.
  • Warehousing Services
    Printful has its warehouses so that you can free up your space and focus on the branding of your eCommerce store.
  • Free Signup
    Create your account with Printful with no upfront or monthly fees.


Customcat- Print Fulfilment Center

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  • Fast Fulfillment
    All products are shipped within 2-3 business days, which is faster than the industry standard.
  • Three Printing Processes
    Customcat provides three printing processes, i.e., digital printing, embroidery, and dye sublimation.
  • No Minimum Orders
    Be it just one or a hundred, Customcat can print your products with no minimum orders.

03. Teelaunch:

teelaunch- Print Fulfilment Center

  • Designed for Shopify
    Teelaunch is specially designed for Shopify. The app is integrated directly into the store, where customers can print their products without leaving the store.
  • Wide Range of Products
    Teelaunch has a catalog of over 65 different products to choose from t-shirts to tote bags.
  • Pay For What You Sell
    You don’t pay for any set-up or app integration; you pay only for what you sell.

04. Printify:

Printify- Print fulfilment center

  • Wide Range of Products
    Select from over 250+ different items, including t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, bags, decor, stickers, etc.
  • Supports Wide Range of eCommerce Platforms
    Printify integrated with almost all eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, eBay, PrestaShop, etc.
  • Global Print Provider Network
    Get over 90 printing facilities in the USA, UK, and China.

05. AllOverPrint:

AllOverPrint- Print Fulfilment Center

  • On-demand Printing
    You don’t have to keep the stock of a single product. When customers place their orders on your website, the order is sent directly to AllOverPrint.
  • Wide Range Store Integration
    Integrate to marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Groupon, etc. Or you can integrate to eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, LemonStand, etc.

06. Gooten:

Gooten- Print Fulfilment Center

  • Exclusively for Shopify
    Gooten is explicitly designed for Shopify, which is free and easy-to-use and takes only minutes to integrate.
  • Other Integration
    It also offers API integration and integration to Etsy, Amazon and has a mobile app for easy monitoring.
  • Global Shipping
    With Gooten, you can ship globally through a network of print manufacturers.

07. Amplifier:

Amplifier- Print fulfillment center

  • App Integration
    The amplifier comes integrated with several platforms such as Shopify, Zapier, Gumroad, Etsy, Weebly, Woocommerce, etc.
  • Fulfillment & Print-on-demand
    The amplifier is a leading provider of both print fulfillment and print-on-demand services. Store your products in over 90,000 sq ft warehouse.
  • Exclusively Screen Printing
    Amplifier exclusively offers screen printing, print t-shirts, hoodies, totes, and other items on as many as 10+ colors using automatic presses.

08. Inkdrop Arthaus:

Inkdrop Arthaus- Print fulfillment service


  • Exclusively for Art Prints
    The company provides fulfillment services solely for art reproductions, large format graphics, photo printing, canvas prints, etc.
  • Mounting & Laminating –
    Print mounting or perform lamination to various products like wood, foamboards, coroplast, Sintra, face-mount to plexiglass.

09. Teescape:

Teescape- Print Fulfillment Center

  • Fully-Automated System –
    Seamless integration between your eCommerce store and Teescape makes for fast, paperless processing with superb handling over each order.
  • Triple Quality Control
    All your orders are checked three times by an actual human being in three different places for superior quality control and produce the best print on your apparel.
  • In-House Art Processing and Preparation
    Unlike other fulfillment services where the artwork is processed in a third-party facility, with Teescape, all artwork processing, sizing, and positioning is done within the facility.

10. Fulfilltopia:

Fulfilltopia- Print Fulfillment Center

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  • Automated integration with your shopping cart, ERP, and order management system
  • Brand your business with custom packaging.
  • Get real-time inventory and quick turn around orders.

11. Threadbird:

Threadbird- Print fulfillment center

  • Multiple Store Integration –
    Integrate Threadbird with various eCommerce platforms, including Squarespace, WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, etc.
  • Fast Shipping –
    All orders are shipped within 24 hours of receiving. Domestic orders arrive in 2-3 days, and international orders arrive within 2-8 weeks.
  • Ship All Printed Items –
    Sell all types of printed items, including t-shirts, CDs, posters, and promotional items.

12. Real Thread:

real thread- Print Fulfillment Center

  • Invest your time selling and marketing your products, and let Realthread deal with the packaging and shipping.
  • They have no minimum order, which means you can ship both a single t-shirt or in bulk.
  • With a quick turnaround, over 95% of shipments are shipped within 24 hours.

13. Galloree:

Galloree- Print Fulfillment Center

  • Take advantage of over 30 different styles of apparel that you can sell on your eCommerce store.
  • The company offers high-quality DTG and screen printing for fulfillment services.
  • Send your extras such as cards, stickers, thank you notes, etc., along with your orders.

14. Teemill:

Teemill- Print Fulfillment Center

  • Setup Your Store in 24 hours –
    With Teemill, you can set up a store and start selling items within 24 hours. Teemill prints and ships your t-shirts to customers directly without any human intervention.
  • Free Store –
    Create a store for free with Teemill and customize it as per your own business needs.
  • Third-party Integration –
    Teemill can be integrated into third-party apps and services such as Instagram, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Facebook ads, etc.

15. Scalable Press:

scalable press- Print Fulfillment center

  • 5 Types of Customization –
    Scalable Press offers five different apparel customization types, such as screen printing, DTG, Digital Printing, Sublimation, and Embroidery.
  • Fast Turnaround –
    The average turnaround time on all product types is 72-hours.
  • Vast catalog –
    Sell more than 4000+ apparel on your website with an extensive catalog that includes top brands such as Gildan, Adidas, Anvil, American Apparel, and more.

16. Printrove:

Printrove- Print Fulfillment Center

  • 250+ Products to Sell –
    With Printrove, you can sell over 250 different products, including t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, phone cases, coasters, mousepads, notebooks, etc.
  • Ecommerce Integration –
    Printrove integrates with Shopify and Woocommerce.
  • White Label –
    All products are sold under your brand name. You market and create your brand with Printrove.

17. T-Formation:

t-formation- Print Fulfillment center

  • Turn your custom design into marketable products with your brand on it. The company offers custom screen printing services as well as drop shipping solutions across the USA.
  • Full Service from T-Formation includes warehousing, packing, and shipping.
  • The company produces custom printed t-shirts using screen printing, DTG, and embroidery.

18. Print Aura:


  • No Minimum Order –
    Print Aura offers no minimum orders; customers can order just one item or multiple items with no set-up cost.
  • Variety of Product Option –
    You have the option to choose from over 100 different items, including t-shirts, mugs, bags, mobile phone cases, etc.
  • Cost-Effective –
    There’s no minimum order; you pay only for the quantity you need.


The fulfillment service does all the hard work and takes a cut, whereas the entrepreneur gets his share because the order came from his eCommerce site. The entrepreneur earns for his online marketing and branding efforts of his company.

Some of its advantages include high ROI, low investment, quick turnaround, excellent customer service, increased profitability.

Finally, it’s no wonder most new entrepreneurs are opting for print-on-demand fulfillment services that can create their full-fledged t-shirt printing and distribution center.

Related Questions:

What is the difference between Print Fulfillment and Print-no-demand business?

Print fulfillment is a B2B type of business whereas Print-on-demand is a B2C type of business. In print fulfillment, you sell custom products through a third party/vendor. These vendors do procurement, warehousing, custom printing, packaging, and shipping all for you at a percentage cost for each sale. Like a B2B type of business.

Whereas in Print-on-demand, you perform the entire responsibilities under the hood of your brand and directly sell to the consumers(no involvement of third party vendors) as in B2C type of business.

Does Amazon Print-on-Demand?

Yes. Merch by Amazon is the print on demand service by Amazon. They do custom printing and dropshipping work. That is to say, that provides complete print fulfillment services.

Web to print app for Printers & Decorators

Is Printful free to use?

Yes, it is free to sign up and no further subscription costs included. You only pay a percentage of the amount once an order is placed from your store.


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