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Last Updated on: 13th May 2024, 02:05 pm

At ImprintNext, our main focus is on helping our clients’ businesses grow and be successful. Our web-to-print solution with artificial intelligence and augmented reality are considered among the best in the printing industry.

In this post will explain how ImprintNext has empowered several different product decoration businesses to get outstanding results. By integrating ImprintNext’s top-notch web-to-print product design software, these companies were able to take their businesses to new heights and see remarkable improvements in their sales.

1. Printoteca:

Printoteca helps artists and small businesses with dropshipping and fulfillment. They produce custom products on demand so creators don’t have to deal with inventory or shipping. If a customer places an order, Printoteca makes the item. This allows illustrators and start-ups to focus on design instead of logistics. Printoteca has been looking for a way to customize products for two years.

They reviewed 20 different design tools before finding ImprintNext. After seeing a product demo, they were impressed by ImprintNext’s backend and features. Printoteca immediately decided to use this online design app without hesitation.

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Since starting to use ImprintNext, Printoteca’s website traffic has increased. Designers can save their creations and share them easily. The app also works well on mobile phones. Printoteca is now getting twice as many orders compared to before.

Their daily order volume continues growing. ImprintNext allows Printoteca to offer customized products that customers can design themselves. More people are placing orders as a result. The online design tool has helped expand Printoteca’s business by making customization fast and simple.


TERMINUS TEES has always provided high quality, customized printed items. They are a family-run business that prints shirts, hats, bags and other products. TERMINUS TEES leads the industry because it never misses deadlines and gives excellent customer service.

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The company takes pride in offering many options to customers. TERMINUS TEES has partnered with ImprintNext to help provide this variety. ImprintNext allows TERMINUS TEES to print custom designs onto different merchandise. Whether it is t-shirts, hats or bags, ImprintNext helps TERMINUS TEES put customizable designs on the products.

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Using ImprintNext, TERMINUS TEES has continued its record of on-time delivery and top customer service. The online design tool gives customers the ability to upload their own artwork. Then customers can choose from the wide selection of merchandise to print their design on.

TERMINUS TEES produces the customized items without delay. Both the company and its customers appreciate the high quality printing and personalized service. ImprintNext assists TERMINUS TEES in maintaining its position as a quality leader through expanded customization capabilities.

3. Uncover:

UncoverLab offers many customized products. Customers can personalize cutting boards, notebooks, wallets and other items with laser engraving. The store uses ImprintNext product designer tool to engrave designs onto the products. People can choose from over a hundred different items to customize. They select the product and upload or choose a design. Then ImprintNext engraves the design before shipping the item.

The materials for each product are of good quality and durability. Customers can personalize their items in simple or complex ways. For the cutting boards, people may engrave just their name. But others engrave detailed family trees or photos. No matter the design, customer can personalize items with ImprintNext design studio which can engraved  clearly onto the product.

4. InkMASH:

InkMASH provides customizable t-shirts and gifts. As a premier company since 2011, InkMASH focuses on excellence and convenience for customers. It uses ImprintNext which allows easy online ordering. Customers can personalize their items through ImprintNext. They upload designs and choose products to put them on. ImprintNext then prints the customized items for the customers. InkMASH is constantly improving its abilities through ImprintNext. It uses advanced decoration methods to put custom designs on more products than before.

ImprintNext offers cutting-edge customization options that decorate items with the latest technologies. People can customize their t-shirts and gifts in more ways through the online tool. Both InkMASH and ImprintNext are committed to quality personalization. They work hard to provide the best product personalization services. ImprintNext helps InkMASH stay at the top through expanded and improved customization solutions.

Boston based custom slide sandal maker has become $10 Million company using an online designer and unique growth marketing.

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5. 2nd Skin Promotion inc.:

ImprintNext helps 2nd Skin Promotion’s to allow thier customers to customize products directly from their eCommerce storefront. This tool makes it easy for customers to design and personalize the items they want printed.

Customers can access the design tool through 2nd Skin Promotion’s online store and create their custom designs. The tool provides a convenient way for people to get exactly what they want printed on apparel, promotional items, or other products. With this online customization option, 2nd Skin Promotion offers an added level of flexibility and convenience.


PRYNTR started out with a simple goal: to create and wear clothing that they truly loved. ImprintNext recognized that people wanted an easier way to design and order custom merchandise and apparel. So ImprintNext online product design tool allowed their customers to customize products themselves.

PRYNTR’s business began by making custom items for friends and family, but it quickly grew into a successful company. At first, PRYNTR operated out of a small, cramped back room. However, as they used ImprintNext’s web-to-print design tool, their business was able to expand. Through this journey of growth and learning new skills, PRYNTR was able to thrive by giving people the ability to design clothes and products they genuinely loved.

7. Onlinepolo: is a company that lets you break away from boring, pre-made t-shirts and create your own unique designs. They are a family-run business with over 15 years of experience in textile printing. works with ImprintNext to provide personalized t-shirt printing services. The team at ImprintNext is passionate about ensuring high-quality results and fast service so you are completely satisfied. With their expertise, allows you to unleash your creativity and make t-shirts that truly reflect your own personal style and personality. The personalized shirts from, powered by ImprintNext, offer an experience unlike any other premade clothing. You can express your individuality through custom t-shirt designs.

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8. Tassel Toppers:

Tassel Toppers began with a simple but meaningful idea from the company’s founder, Marc Goldberg. When Marc graduated in 1997, he felt disappointed that there was no way for graduates to show their individuality and be recognized during the ceremony.

Tassel Toppers partnered with ImprintNext to be able to sell customized products to customers. With ImprintNext’s help, Tassel Toppers could offer graduates the ability to personalize items like tassels, stoles, and other accessories for their graduation. This allowed the graduates to make their graduation experience more unique and memorable while maintaining the traditional aspects of the occasion.

09. The T-Shirt Deli Co.

The T-Shirt Deli Co. in Chicago is changing how people customize clothing and gifts. They use ImprintNext’s web-to-print product design software to allow customers to personalize shirts, baby hats, underwear, and even dog t-shirts. With this software, people can easily design their own custom apparel items online. The T-Shirt Deli Co. offers American Apparel brand shirts that customers can choose from.

The software also provides a wide selection of fonts, colors, and designs to pick from when customizing products. This allows people to get creative and make truly unique items. By utilizing ImprintNext’s user-friendly design tools, The T-Shirt Deli Co. gives Chicagoans an easy way to customize clothing and gifts exactly how they want.

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