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Last Updated on: 7th May 2024, 02:01 pm

Every print shop has its own way of conducting business, but the majority of them share the need for effective, profitable ways to manage their operations. Two crucial areas where businesses should make sure they are in top shape are production and order management.

The lifeline of how a print shop makes money is printed merchandise, whether they be decorated apparel like T-shirts, hoodies, and pins, promotional goods like pens, water bottles, and koozies, or a combination of these. For this reason, any tools that help keep track of orders and better take care of customers are essential.

Why Print Shops Need Production and Order Management Software?

Before we delve into the specific features to pay attention to in a platform, it’s critical to comprehend why a shop requires a production and order management platform in order to operate profitably. Here are some things to think about:

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1. Efficiency:

You and your staff will be able to generate, print, and handle orders more quickly if you have superior systems in place. Every department in your shop might save a significant amount of time each week and year if they could streamline their everyday production.

With that time saved, your business may focus on acquiring new clients, developing repeat business with current clients, cross-training current personnel, and employing new staff.

Planning for the long term is worth it:

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The saying goes that cutting corners now can end up costing you much more later on. And when it comes to having dependable processes in place for your shop, nothing could be more accurate.

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For instance, when a business is smaller or the season is slower, employing a few dispersed spreadsheets to keep track of customer orders and having one person handle all incoming emails might suffice. However, once the volume of orders increases and more consumers start calling, things can quickly become chaotic. When mistakes are printed, customers become irritated.

2. Industry Specific:

Doing a fast Google search will turn up numerous tools that claim to be able to control a shop’s production. Finding a program mule tailored to the embellished apparel and promotional items sectors is crucial nevertheless. Otherwise, there can be restrictions on the information about enticed customer orders.

Industry-specific platforms allow you to add critical information to order, making it easier to understand once it enters production, such as the size, garment type, print color, and thread weight. The production automation tool that can additionally interact with product artwork is typically what you’ll desire.

3. Scalability:

According to, a scalable business is one that can grow without its costs increasing proportionately. This is important if you want to continue becoming more lucrative as your company expands. However, you don’t want to get sucked into paying extra charges, purchasing add-ons, or paying for unexpected additional downloads for a program.

When choosing a plan, you may also ask a sales representative because they will know which one will work best for your shop’s requirements. Keep in mind that if you’re focused on considerably expanding your firm in the upcoming years, occasionally investing a bit more money will be the best choice.

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4. E-commerce functionality:

A robust order and production management software may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering an online business. However, remaining competitive this year will ensure that you have the necessary equipment for internet sales. Let’s say you have a tiny crew and neither the time nor the knowledge to maintain a website. Find a platform that offers you the capabilities to build a dynamic, mobile-friendly online retail by doing some research. It will give your business a better way to manage orders from consumers who place them online and distinguish you from your rivals, who might not have an easy way for customers to place an order online.

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A benefit to your order volume is the ability to construct online stores for your customers with some suppliers. Every new sale implies more print orders for your business, so if you have a solution to help your clients sell more to their customers, it’s a win-win situation.

5. Reliable Support:

It’s crucial to invest in tangible assets and choose a platform that offers copious support. Particularly a supplier that is able to support you and your team even after you and your team have completed the platform setup and initial training. Some businesses rely significantly on chatbots or outside support. ‘

This is acceptable for simple inquiries, particularly in the early stages of platform setup. But when you’re in the middle of an order for 1,000 pieces and need someone to answer your email about a bug in the program immediately, it’s crucial to locate a provider with a dedicated support team who can address those challenging queries and assist your team in troubleshooting.

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Final Words:

Better sales are the end result of all this. With order and production management systems, your shop will function more smoothly, allowing you to ship more orders on schedule, reduce costly mistakes in printing, and free up more time to improve how you expand your business.

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Do you have printers? Are those printers sitting idle?

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