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Last Updated on: 7th April 2024, 01:37 pm

Advertising is the most effective way to promote eCommerce stores—for example, Google and Facebook ads. But direct investment in ads is not the right way.

So whether you’re someone who’s selling their own print-on-demand t-shirts a drop shipper or someone selling a product that you’ve created watch on and sticks around to the end to hear a bonus strategy from a six-figure entrepreneur. It will help you drive more traffic to your store.

Top 8 Ways to Promote Ecommerce Stores:

The best ways to promote your online store are as follows:

1. Referral marketing:

First, refer to your existing customers who they refer to others in return for rewards.

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The best means for referral marketing is social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You can chat, send email invitations and create a community around your eCommerce store.

2. Invite past buyers for repeat purchase:

It is easier to bring existing customers than a new one. Because past buyers are already convinced and converted. Your email invitation is enough for them to buy again from your store.

It would be great if you give at least a 10% discount for referring to their friend. The referral campaign aims to make your existing customers convince their friends, and in return, they benefit from a discount. And who does not want a discount by doing simple work for you?

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3. Advertise less expensive products:

Why will the more a product costs the more expensive it is to advertise.

So if you’ve got a product in your store that costs $100. It could cost as much as three hundred dollars to advertize it before you start getting sales

Moreover, if you have a product in your store that costs much less it will cost much less to advertise it.

The reason this is true is that customers need more convincing to buy more expensive products. On the other hand, customers are more likely to buy less expensive products. On impulse, they don’t need a lot of convincing before they click to buy.

With Facebook Ads, you may gain traction by advertising that product. Another bonus of this strategy is that if you use your less expensive products to drive traffic to your store.

You can always upsell them and get them to shop for your more expensive products. Once they’re at your online store if you drop shipping and you’re picking products from another supplier to sell in your Shopify store. Then you can apply this strategy by choosing less expensive products to sell in the first place.

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4. Use Email:

The next strategy to consider use email to drive qualified traffic to your store.

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When you’re just starting out you’re not that psyched to get someone to sign up for your email list.

After all that you’re after is sales however the thing to remember about emails is once someone gives you their email address.

First, they’ve communicated to you that they’re really interested in your store. And second, you can get in touch with them.

Whenever you want more reasons to come back to your store and buy. You can email these people about sales special offers discounts and so on.

Best of all emailing these interested customers is absolutely free.

So as you’re building your store make sure you’re paying attention to ways to capture people’s email addresses.

Another way that you can use email lists that’s a bit more advanced.

But you should know about it as you’re getting started once you have a list of customer emails.

You can actually use that list in Facebook to build a custom audience this is great because what you’re essentially telling Facebook to do is to find people who are similar to the people who are interested in your store. Because they gave their email addresses. Facebook will find those similar audiences and it will be more effective for you to advertise to those audiences.

If you had a hard time following all of that don’t worry Facebook Ads is not that simple but you can get up to speed on Facebook Ads.

5. Build Content Community:

The next strategy is definitely free but it does take some work this strategy involves building a community with content so often when people think about advertising their products.

I think about creating Facebook Ads however we’ve talked to entrepreneurs who’ve done a great job of building communities on social media platforms like Instagram not by advertising to those communities but by creating great content.

You can grow communities on Instagram by finding content. The community members would love to think memes or helpful infographics and inspiring tips and things like that.

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They figured out which Instagram community was growing the fastest that went all that community. They watched it grow once they learned more about that niche they were able to launch a store.

Exactly to the needs of that niche and they drove free traffic to that store with the content and the community that they created on Instagram.

The bottom line here is if you’re willing to put in the work and spend hours a day creating an Instagram community with great content interacting. The people who are leaving comments and finding other Instagram accounts to interact with you too can drive a lot of free traffic to your store.

You can also grow these on say Facebook groups just keep in mind that you have to wait a while to grow the community before you start advertising to them if you advertise too early the group will leave.

6. Explore Marketing Channel:

The next low to no budget marketing strategy that will drive traffic to your store is exploring new marketing channels.

You’d have to be living under a rock not to have her tick-tock by now it’s the newest social channel on the block.

It involves creating quick videos with music or sound effects that showcase something whether it’s a joke or a dance or a product.

There are 400 million daily active users on tik-tok. Meaning there’s a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs to get in front of this audience.

Early the only thing is that tik tok is not optimized for people who are advertising on it.

Yet there’s no way to link directly to your site but the hustling entrepreneurs won’t let this stop them.

They’ll be one of the first movers so they can figure out how the platform works. Then as tik-tok evolves and makes it easier for people to go from a tik-tok account to a store.

Those first movers will have an advantage they’ll already have an audience on this new channel.

Now tik tok is the most popular new kid on the block but it’s not alone there are other platforms that are coming out all the time.

7. Advertise to International Markets:

The next note a low-budget marketing strategy is really best for dropshippers. That’s because dropshippers can ship their products anywhere in the world.

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Thanks to e-packet shipping this strategy involve advertising to international markets.

Most people when they set up an online store immediately start thinking about advertising to the US.

And that’s because the u.s. is a huge e-commerce market. However where there are a lot of advertisers, there’s a lot of competition and where there’s a lot of competition on the marketing platform,

The marketing costs are high if your drop shipping considers going after international markets. It’s cheaper to advertise to these countries and you can still ship to them. Moreover, you will not need to translate your ads and your website in order to convert this traffic.

8. Soft sell to Customer First:

Soft sell to customers first and soft-sell means don’t tell them to come to your store and buy.

But rather create a Facebook ad that tells people to for example pick out a color of the product that you’re advertising.

The soft sell is a bit more enticing if someone sees an ad that just says pick a color. They don’t feel like they have to decide whether or not they want to buy before they click it. They may just want to browse the colors now you might be thinking.

Moreover, you may not want a customer to just browse the colors and leave.

But here’s the thing the Facebook pixel will pay attention to who’s clicking on your ad and who’s interested in browsing colors.

In the first place once customers are familiar with your product because they visited your site in the first place you can use retargeting ads to go after those customers again.

Final Words:

Retargeted traffic is often much more effective at converting than cold traffic so this is a great tip for people who want to do low budget Facebook marketing and they want to do it smart starting an online store does not have to cost a lot of money and marketing can be done for cheap or for free.

I hope you find these strategies helpful and I’d love your thoughts on them in the comments below. Do you think some would work better than others or some outdated? Let’s start a discussion thanks for watching and until next time learn often market better and sell more.

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