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It is important to note when working with rhinestones, there are various applications and places for this form of clothing decoration application. They can be used to display a beautiful design, or to accentuate a fabric or decoration sparingly.

Let’s go into the rhinestones and the various places that can make a difference.

1. Rhinestone applications on the shirt:

My slogan is “more, the merrier” when adding rhinestones on shirts. While they wear more clothing, they add glitter to many of our customers’ resistance. The main thing is to be special in terms of positioning, concentrating on different areas of this brilliant extras than the standard.

Using rhinestone designs on your headwear is an excellent way to improve the profitability of your store. Here, two words are enhanced and the bill reveals a pop of sparkle. Explore various settings on tops, skirts, caps, and accessories for rhinestones.

For instance, try to scatter the stones on a shirt and wane to the bottom of the sleeves. You can only fold the sleeve halfway through the pattern for cotton shirts.

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Using a Teflon sleeve or pant pillow to ensure that the material does not conform to itself for lighter or certain value tops. The fading effect can also be used to brighten a template.

2. How to Start:

Only take a fundamental word or sentence and add a faded dispersion. Include stones which enter the shirt far down. You can also bring some stones in the distance of the shirt by hand. Such side placement, along with fade, is going to bring back more for the customers.

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A lower-front style is another rhinestone shirt use. Also, you can always add a little glove with rhinestones to the lower corner while decorating a glitter vinyl shirt.

If you still do this, it will become your “signature.” Even note the outlines. We permit customers to carry finished garments, to which we emphasize a rhino contour.

3. Get a popping out front pocket on the t-shirt with rhinestone:

This results in custom-made apparel. With a rhinestone style, the idea is even better. Click the design to increase the pressure of your heat press to counteract the pocket seam.

A shirt collar is another special rhinestone location. On columns, I’ve put little names, hearts, and even rhinestones scattered. But don’t overpressure; otherwise, you risk leaving a permanent heat mark.

The pressure on your heat-press is recommended to set to 2 or 3. Often, only the collared region does not press the whole fabric.

4. Applying rhinestones on Pants:

Rhinestone accents on pants are easy to make and can lead in combination with shirts or other equipment to extra sale.

Indeed, we give our customers the possibility of a tiny design or a scatter/drawn pattern on their pants when they shop for a Rhinestone top.

Do you remember the sleeve fade above? You can even put it on pants. For lightweight and heavy objects you may use a Teflon pillow, but this is not sufficient for the latter.

A good positioned rhinestone heart with a rhinestone shirt or monogram pairs well. Try not to put stones on the pants’ back; when the wearer sits they will come down. However, the waistband is a perfect location for stones.

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For instance, we have high-waistband decorated workout pants. On one pair, to help coordinate the scattering of stones, I used the interchangeable 8 “X 10” plate. It was fantastic, and it was appreciated by the consumer. Even the simplest layout, like a single line of stones that outline a pocket, can give life to simple wear.

5. Applying Heat Press on Hats with Rhinestone:

A heating press is a perfect way to boost your shop’s profitability, decorating your hats with rhinestone designs. Although most customers want to place the design in the central Standard location, other specific locations may also be suggested.

Rhinestones may be put in rows or disperse or a full design on the bill. Beware of the curvature when positioning rows. Use straight lines for the outer lines and the center of the bill, then add a curved stone line to create a curved effect.

Perhaps there is a pattern in the middle of the hat that could have a dispersal on the bill. Do you remember the simple scattered word? You can put on a hat in the same style.

6. Rhinestone placement on the Underside of Hat:

On the underside of the bill is another special location for rhinestones on the caps. For standard hats, the rhinestone pattern is 2 “x 2” in the area.

If you prefer a wider look, pair it with sparkle or vinyl from EasyWeed. Do not press on the design while pressing a curved note, as heat and pressure flatten the fact or leave a marked heat mark on it.

Turn the hat to press the hat press normally and tap on the pattern with magic heat tape.

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7. Designing the Lower-back portion of the hat:

Did you try to force the lower back of a hat to force a design? This is a special and acceptable branding place.

For example, FlexFit has a 1.5 “x 2” room for the design, initials, or logo of a small rhinestone. Use the portion above the gap in the design whether the hat is Velcro closed or metal grommet.

The hat will match the plate if you have a hat button. If not, put a Teflon pillow in the hat and keep it manually before the heat click.


The chances of incorporating patterns and effects on apparel or product are minimal with enough ingenuity and imagination. Customers will repeatedly bring back more choices and opportunities for a special personalization.

Brand loyal clients will speak about you to all their mates and orders will increase dramatically.

Don’t be afraid to try to insert rhinestones in a product anywhere. It could be waiting for the boost of your organization.

How to Take over your competitors? Increased Buying! 
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