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Last Updated on: 8th February 2021, 05:59 am

Business profiles on Instagram get nearly 200 million visitors every day. This brings a great opportunity to business owners to sell their products on Instagram especially to the more engaged users. Because Instagram is an image sharing website, businesses can engage with their customers visually in real-time. They can now make product image shoppable.

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Although Instagram provides tools to create shoppable posts, many third-party tools do a great job of accomplishing this.

To sell products on Instagram, your account must be converted into a business profile and connected to the Facebook catalog. It has to be managed through Shopify or BigCommerce platforms or directly on Facebook’s business page.

Here is the list of tool you should know if you want to sell products on Instagram:

01. Instagram Stories Shoppable Stickers:

Instagram Stories Shoppable Stickers


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It has released shoppable stickers, making it easier for sellers to sell their products through Instagram Stories. Now businesses can apply stickers to physical products. It can be placed on both images and videos. There are multiple types of stickers such as rainbow text, translucent text, etc.

02. Curalate Like2Buy:

Curalate Like2Buy

Curalate Like2Buy


It makes Instagram images shoppable and does so by generating a link in the bio. When clicked it takes your customers to the Like2Buy gallery to shop for products. Using Like2Buy you can schedule posts and stories, track campaign performance, bring traffic using Instagram images and videos.

03. Shop Social:Shop Social


This tool helps your Instagram followers to find products in your photos as well as click and buy it. You can tag multiple products to your posts. Bring your Instagram traffic to your website or you can integrate the Instagram feed on your website. Monitor your campaign performance and clicks through the admin panel and integrate Google Analytics.

04. Postcart:Postcart


Turn any Instagram post into a shoppable product and your feed into a shoppable website. This is an eCommerce platform designed for creatives who create their products and merchandise. Use the Instagram post descriptions to the quantity of the product as well as product variation such as color and size.

05. InstaOrders:InstaOrders


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This a rather easy-to-use tool that quickly turns your Instagram feed into a shoppable store. Simply upload your store with Instagram, enter pricing for all the imported photos, and start converting them into items. It will email you when you get a new order.

06. Inselly:Inselly


It is a marketplace for Instagram and brings sales capabilities to Instagram thereby making your products searchable and shoppable on Instagram. Just take a photo using the Instagram app, add an #inselly tag, and log in to to add details about the products.

07. Soldsie:Soldsie - Instagram tools, software, app


The merchants have two ways to sell using Soldsie on Instagram. They can upload the photos and descriptions to the dashboard, post the image on Instagram, but then the followers have to type ‘sold’ in the comments to purchase. The customers receive an invoice to complete the purchase.

The second way is that Soldsie offers a shoppable like in a profile using, thereby giving followers access to a gallery of products. It offers integration with Shopify to track inventory and other stats.


There you go; here are the top 7 tools you can use to sell your products on Instagram.

Selling on Instagram is a great business opportunity as it taps into the excitement of the customers to selling products to customers when they are most interested and comfortable.

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