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Last Updated on: 2nd April 2024, 08:21 am

To start a clothing line apparel design business manufacturers need to master production and online retail marketing. If you are an entrepreneur and ready to start and ready to be in the clothing manufacturers segment, this definitive guide is for you.

Production is a different subject and out of the scope of this guide, here we will be discussing in detail SEO practices involved in online retail marketing. So, let’s start.

1. Measure your Achievements:

Clothing retail businesses are opening at a remarkable rate and thanks to the high population of Millenials who are much interested in fashion and don’t shy away from trying new things. Although many stores put up their own website they don’t market it well enough to attract their customers’ attention. For that, you have to create proper conversion metrics to find out how your local SEO is performing.

SEO, with the right content marketing, can take your online presence to a different level. Moreover, by integrating other channels such as social media, retailers can really create their local market. By working collectively on all of it, you would be able to acquire the desired conversion rate.

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However, you should know that Local SEO is very different from SEO optimization which is a rather holistic approach. In local SEO only a specific location in your locality is targeted and all effort is given to reach and create brand value among the customers in that particular area.

2. Write a Blog:

Fashion is something that will never cease. It is always evolving, something new is created or an old style is brought into fashion. Hence, fashion is an area where you can write a good deal of blogs and articles. There are many magazine publications on fashion only and they always bring something new every month. So, you can too. You can use this curiosity among customers to bring a lot of visitors to your blog and then even sales. However, you have to keep in mind that you will be writing for the purpose of local SEO so if you include some stories about your own locality, it will be gold.

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3. Perform SEO Competition Analysis:

When you are in business, you have learned everything about competitors too. SEO is no different. You need to set up tools to monitor and gauge how your competitors are performing. Just by observing their activities, their social media accounts, their marketing campaigns, offers, etc, you can learn a lot about their strategies. However, you may have to purchase some SEO tools.

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4. Study their Social Media Accounts:

Tell me one business that is not online on social media today; everyone! Well, almost! Social media is a major part of internet marketing. This is where they get to engage with their customers directly.

You can learn a lot from your competitor’s social media channels by keenly observing the type of posts they make, the interval of posting, how they communicate with their users, etc. Plus follow them to learn their social media ad campaigns.

5. Guest Posting:

There are many websites that accept content from small businesses. However, if your content is great it doesn’t depend on the size of your company.

You should participate in guest posting and write topics on new trends. However check the domain authority of the host website, because a guest post on a low DA site is rather detrimental.

6. Google Analytics:

For any business, it is essential to have analytics tools. Google Analytics is probably the best and free tool then you can use to track your local business’s progress. However, it’s a vast arena; either you have to do it yourself by self-learning or hire a professional to do the job.

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7. Google Webmaster tools:

Google webmaster tools can greatly improve your SEO. You will find HTML improvement, where you get a report of any issues with your site’s meta descriptions and title tags. It will show you all the keywords that are used on your site, along with keyword variations and significance, which will help you determine if you need more content created around those keywords.

Moreover, it will show you the type of structured data that Google was able to detect on your site, along with URLs containing each type. It will also you to tag the data fields for events, products, and more on your site.

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There are sitemaps sections that allow you to view all the sitemaps that you’ve added along with the statistics such as the last date it was processed and the number of pages submitted and indexed. If you want to remove URLs from the Google index, you can do that from the remove URL feature.

8. Citation:

You cannot ignore local SEO citations for your business. These citations in business directories can bring you bulk business. This will bring you under the limelight of both your customers and other corporate and enterprises.

9. Choose your keywords wisely:

For your search results, you will have to target the right keywords. They should make your website visible in all search results. For that, you will have to understand what your customers are looking for and you can reach out to them for their queries.

That manifold increases the chances of being found and really boosts your local SEO. You can use many tools such as Moz, and Google keyword planner to improve search keyword ranking.

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10. Internal linking:

When you adopt a strategy of hyperlinking, it is guaranteed to reflect on your search engine results. Anchor text and internal linking try to understand what the website is all about.

It is advisable to keep anchor linking to a minimum and don’t overdo it. You don’t want to make yourself look like a spammer in Google and Bing.

11. On-Page SEO:

In a certain way, you can control the search results. You can optimize various factors to improve your search results. Of course, all businesses want to be on top of the local search engine results, this is where you need to consider meta descriptions of page titles.

The text is important to rank up on search results. It would enable a reader to understand whether you are the one they were looking for.

12. Bookmarking and Link Building:

Link building is slowly moving out of the picture but it is still valid and many are reaping benefits, however, you have to make sure that you post your link building platforms only on a high authority website.

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