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If you are setting up or already set-up a new Shopify eCommerce store, then you must have these top 10 Shopify apps.

They’re pretty much going to be work with any store that you’ve got whether it’s a dropshipping store, sell your own product or a print-on-demand business.

These all really going to help you make more sales. Know more about your customers and just overall have a better experience.

Top 10 Shopify Apps for eCommerce store:-

The top 10 Shopify apps that really need to increase online sales, brand impression, customers trustworthiness, etc are as follows:-

01. Lucky orange:


How to Take over your competitors? Increased Buying! 
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Lucky orange one of the most powerful Shopify apps. It allows you to see exactly what your customers are doing on your website.

This app has different components like heat maps which really shows where most people are hovering their mouse.

You can also see full-on video recordings of what people are doing on your website.

Briefly, you are going to track each and every movement of your customers, their interests, location, time spent on your website, purchase, etc.

You can also actually see where they’re clicking the most where they’re scrolling their mouse. This app is just incredible.

Lucky Orange app costs you $10 a month. You also get higher plans with more features that may require if you have got more traffic into your website.

02. Boost Sales app:

boost sales app

The boost sales app is the best plugin that upsells your products to increase the average purchase. It uses a simple concept.

When customers add items to the shopping cart, a pop-up will show up to suggest to the other items that can alternate or complement with items they choose.

This can boost your revenues by selling more to the same customer. However, the benefits are not all one-sided.

It gives recommendations to your customers to choose the product that best suits their interest due to your upsell and cross-sell offers.

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How does it work?
When your customer clicks on a product then hit Add to Cart, they will see an upsell offer displays relevant products at a new discount price

The sales motivator bar shows up to motivate customers to spend more to reach the goal.  When the goal is reached they will get, suppose a 15% discount on the bill.

This is how you are going to exert multiple sales although a customer has intended to purchase a single product.

03. SEO Image Optimizer:

SEO Image Optimizer

It is the basic Shopify app you must have. It changes the alt tags and title tags on all of your images without you having to do yourself.

It is a pretty lightweight plugin that gets installed to your Shopify eCommerce store easily and you can start improving your SEO.

It will allow getting products and product images to be found in Google search and Google image search.

Moreover, it is a free app.

04. Privy:


It is a popular Shopify app.

What it does is, it gives you a little pop-up in the middle of the screen when the customer is about to leave your store.

Basically, when a customer desires to leave your store, they will probably never come back. So, it is really important for you to get every chance of capturing every person you can.

The best way to use privy is to pop up in the middle of the screen and put offers like:- “ Get 10% off your order today”. So you offer them a discount coupon from the pop-up.

You get customers to add their email address before they can get their coupon.

Further, you can make a list of these email IDs and then do the email marketing at the same time.

05. Digital Downloads:

Digital Downloads

Digital downloads are developed by Shopify themselves.

It allows you to upload files and attach them to your products and then essentially you can sell them as a digital download.

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If you want to start selling digital products like online courses, e-books, etc, then it really works well for you. This is a free app.

Besides selling digital apps, you could even offer them for free by asking their email address.

Note:- I have pointed out previously about capturing the email address of your customers. A business may be online/offline grows by repeating customers.

If customers come to your store for a second purchase, this is exactly where you grow your business and create a brand in the market.

That is to say, email marketing is more essential than Google or Facebook Ads to bring back the customers who previously visited your store.

It is something like a reminder that your customers should not forget you. This you can do by providing offers, special discounts, coupons that values each customer.

06. Re-target App:

Re-target App

Re-target App provides a solution to cart abandonment problems with the help of Facebook Ads.

It allows you to set up retargeting campaigns to re-engage your visitors who left your store without making a purchase.

After they left, they will see personalized ads of the products they viewed recently right inside their Facebook or Instagram.

Retarget app has a feature that automatically publishes retargeting Facebook ads.

The app takes care of everything like installing the pixel, creating a product catalog and run a campaign.

All you need to do is craft an Ad message and fix the daily budget you can afford.

07. Instafeed:

Re-target App

It allows you to have a feed on Instagram of your website.

It is a nice way of Instagram marketing where you post images as displayed in your online store.

This is the simplest way you redirect clients to your online store when they click on an image and re-directing functionality.

08. Product Reviews:

Product Reviews

This is an app developed by Shopify. Visitors rely heavily on reviews to guide them through a purchase decision.

Public reviews build trust by social proof, improve rankings in search results, and stay engaged with customers by giving them a chance to talk about their experience.

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The free Shopify Product Reviews app provides a comment box to post their reviews on a product.

You can also unpublish comments if you find it spam. You can also customize the content and the basic design of the review section.

09. SEO Manager:

SEO manager

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your site is by having your store show up on the first page of Google.

SEO manager will do the job for you it’s a search engine optimization tool that empowers you to take control of how search engines see your site.

The app regularly does Search Engine Optimization scans on your website to give insightful feedback about your SEO performance so you can improve it to the best

This app has over 20 features and some of them are edit titles, description keyword suggestions, image alt text issue, mobile-friendly test, etc.

10. AfterShip:

AfterShip is one of the most trusted Shopify apps for an eCommerce store that tracks an order during shipment to delivery. Moreover, it is also a WooCommerce plug-in

Keep your customers updated with the time and location of their product through a built-in customized tracking package.

Build your own tracking page and include a product marketing banner to impress customers and upsell your products.

Allow customers to track and check the delivery status that creates trustability and assure customers about the delivery of the products through an automated notification via email or text.


I hope the list of 10 Shopify apps has helped to upgrade your eCommerce store.

Some might not have been aware of these apps before. We have put all the links with the respective apps to help you easily find out about them.

Don’t forget to post your comments and how useful did you find this blog.


How to Take over your competitors? Increased Buying! 
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