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Last Updated on: 28th March 2024, 07:19 am

Magento Product Customizer integrates into your eCommerce store developed in Magento which allows customers to personalize every product in your online store. It is bundled with all tools and design assets that allow customers to change/create design patterns using templates & clipart, color, text, shapes, images and visualize their end custom product. When a customer gets the freedom to design products they want to purchase, you achieve a feat against the traditional stores that sell pre-decorated products.  The online Magento designer tool displays at your store front and pops out when your customers choose a product and select for customization.

At current times, Magento’s online retailers have a broad range of e-commerce tools and systems that they can use for the first time to attract and maintain customers. The success of your solutions in the new highly competitive e-commerce market. The two most important Web-to-Print Technologies for streamlining interactions and increasing loyalty is 3D Configuration and Augmented Reality(developed by Imprintnext)

It is exhausting to compete online against so many brands, right? But that must not be the case. Although the market is unavoidable, you can use robust solutions such as product customizers to differentiate yourself from the crowd. How do you separate your company from the competition? Ensure a smooth and productive working of all mission-critical operations. Simplify the customer’s complexities online and offer the best experience. To streamline operations and provide a great experience you need a Magento product configurator (created by Imprintnext).

How does Magento Product Customizer work?

Magento web-to-print software directly integrates into your eCommerce store. When customers select a product, they navigate to the product details page. Where they find a “Customize” button. Upon clicking, the Product Design Studio pops out where customers can easily personalize the selected item. This is exactly what your customers want as they get a free hand to use the product that they design.

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Customers will be able to design eCommerce merchandise as they want with the product designer app. It is important to provide what customers want when clear and on request, specifications are met.

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And what consumers want is to build themselves that symbolize their specific characteristics.

The solution is to integrate a  product designer tool into your online site established in Magento. Buyers will use this to build their product versions. Customers will build their choice of products. And you can build and differentiate a specific sales offer for your company.

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How to Choose the best Magento Product Customizer?

1. Secured and Powerful:

The online designer framework is backed by excellent safety features, making the tool safer, simpler, and easier to use for owners and end-users alike.

To ensure the protection of confidential data, the tool is secured by SSL encryption.

2. Light-weight and fast:

The simple to use Magento Product Customizer can be customized quickly and easily to your specifications and your customers.

You can boost the customer’s shopping experience including user interface, branding, pricing. Options for distribution and payment. Workflows for approval, multi-level permissions, and more.

3. Mobile Responsive:

The custom product designer should be completely sensitive and simple to use on any computer, large or small, which can adapt the look and feel of a plug-in to hundreds of choices.

Moreover, designing a product on a mobile device offers the same functionality as on a desktop.

4. Unlimited Design Elements:

The product customizer should have a large library of colors, fonts, Clip Arts, Design models, and many more that should be given to the Online Artist.

Boston based custom slide sandal maker has become $10 Million company using an online designer and unique growth marketing.

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All can easily build custom product designs using the templated designs and personalizable options of the tool.

5. Compatible with all Platforms:

All eCommerce stores built in Magento are compatible with the online designer framework.

Therefore, it should have an architecture for plug and play which makes it easy to add the customization power without affecting the core eCommerce characteristics that it incorporates.

Why do we Choose a Custom Magento Product Configurator?

1. Increases Lead Conversion:

Product visuals affect the buying decisions of 83% of customers. Magento’s product customers envision goods with photorealistic high-quality images to improve morale and perceived value. Meanwhile, if they are assured that they will respond to their need, consumers are more likely to buy goods.

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The 3D product configurator offers significant knowledge for the understanding of consumers and allows them to make informed purchasing decision-making. It helps the consumer to analyze and configure the product according to their specifications before buying. Customers are more likely to purchase what they make emotionally. As a result, you may get paid for personalized items up to 19 percent more.

2. Increased Profits:

While you have an extraordinary experience with your website, it is crucial that it goes on and propels customers to the end of the sales funnel. And it is still a difficult task for most of web store owners to get traffic and turn it into customers.

However, you can give your customers more flexibility to develop products as they please with Magento Product Designer extensions. And if you like the experience, they will certainly come back and recommend your products to others. The traffic is improved and the conversion rate will be optimized.

3. Personalized Experience:

80% of consumers are more likely to acquire in companies with a customized experience, according to Epsilon analysis.

Customization of the Magento product will take the consumer on a dream product adventure. If you have office chairs, the customer can tailor basic characteristics such as color and finish, to ensure that they appreciate the operation.

4. Increases Store Value:

Consumers must realize that they invested in a store that will have complete control to produce a product they are searching for at all times when it comes to custom products.

71 percent of clients can also pay a bonus for their customized goods, according to a report by Custom Gateway. The design software of Magento Items for your store will also allow you to compete with the industry leaders to build your brand value.

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5. Stand out from the Crowd:

There’s a massive and dynamic market in e-commerce. While an online store can be enticed by a product setup that provides personalized experiences.

A bookmark indicates your plan to return and buy your custom items. It is not only product customization but also links your customers’ emotions.

6. Customer Satisfaction:

Are you aware that 32% of clients need personalized offers? It goes beyond the goods to please modern customers. That is why customers avoid mass-produced brands.

The Magento Product Designer extension provides the consumers with the resources they need to convey their personality, lifestyle, and fashion through their products. As a result, customers are happier with their purchases. A product configurator from Magento will once and for all quench your customers’ demand for tailor-made goods in your shop.

7. Enlarge your Target Audience:

The emphasis is always on the audience in any traditional e-store. Your need to redefine your business segment as per the interest of your customers. Not everyone in the age group wants the same fabric that you sell.

But you can easily expand your audience circle with the customized product designer store and ask users from any category to try their innovative knowledge and apply it to their products. Moreover, young people will build their college campaign t-shirts. Therefore, elderly people could build their grandchildren’s personalized self-services. As a result, that would lead to a fast improvement in your profit margins.


To have a successful business, you have to stabilize your growth prospects. And is quite difficult or challenging. But you can use the right instruments and business experience to handle it wisely. Although the market does not move quickly, it is important to deliver something out of the box.

Also, you will be halfway there with the integrated Magento product designer extension in your shop. Only relax, the business is everything you need to do!

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