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If you have been doing eCommerce sales, you could have come to know that returning customers are essential for your business’s success. It comparatively cheaper to make the business the existing customers than new ones. 

What if you start using a single page as a marketing tool, which usually people ignore, that could boost your customer retention, sales, and revenue with some relatively simple customizations. Ye, this is possible with “Thank you Page”.

But there are a few guidelines you should follow to use this page to produce extra income and raise your overall website conversion rate up to 10%, besides, build strong relationships with your customers right from the beginning.

01. Why “Thank You Page” is important?

  • Simple and easy: Attract your customers right before they leave your website after finishing order instead of asking them to come after they have left.
  • Builds human connection: Customers are attracted to the brands that value them. Moreover, if “Thank You Page”s are written as personal letters directly from a company’s founder or president. This helps Web visitors feel more respected.
  • 100% open rate: Thank you pages are seen by almost every customer who completes a purchase. In addition, you can add a trustworthiness factor for your customers by confirming orders via thank you an email.

02. Upsell on “Thank You Page”:

You can generate repeat sales from a customer by upselling products on your “Thank You, Page”. Surprisingly, a lot of customers are willing to buy again immediately after finishing a purchase.

In an estimate, it was found that there was 7.64% increase in sales due to Thank You Pages. In a general sense, the traffic to the store didn’t change but the same customer made repeated purchases.

03. Upsell with recommended products:

Recommending products on the Thank you page will make your customer feel that they are still in your online store as a part of the shopping experience.

Furthermore, it reminds them of the products they might be interested in giving them a second chance to change their mind to make another purchase.

04. Upsell with discounts:

Offering discount coupons to new customers and neglecting the existing customers by such offers is a common practice among many eCommerce retailers. However, I do not recommend such practices. You must appreciate your existing customers. They are as important as the new ones.

Offer discount coupons or promo codes on the “Thank You Page” as an opportunity to both reward customers that have just purchased and create another opportunity to convert them with a tempting offer.

Remember, when it comes to post-purchase discounts, try to make it bigger and more tempting than discounts you offer at other stages before the checkout.

For instance, Walmart, who has recently outperformed Apple as the 3rd largest US eCommerce brand offer a “cash back” option on their “Thank You, Page”. In reality, Walmart offers customers a $10 & 10% discount on their next order, to encourage repeat purchases.

05. Re-target customers with Pop-up:

A pop-up (like a gift box) on your “Thank You Page” allows you to make sure that the post-purchase pop up you are offering actually reaches the customer. You can offer a discount on the next purchase, free shipping, display-related products or anything else that might convert the customer.

The reason that pop-up so effective is that you don’t ask your customers to opt into anything in exchange for the discount helps to make it easier for them to say yes. 

A pop-up with a timer offering a discount on all items carries an option of accepting and decline, has proved to be clearly emerging as the highest converting element because of it the best way to entice a customer to make an immediate purchase within a stipulated period of time.

06. Encourage social media shares on “Thank You Page”:

Customers tend to spend 20% to 40% more on companies they interacted with on social media. Getting your customer engaged with you on social media, is the best way to keep you connected as well as to grow their spending with your brand.

Using the “Thank You Page”, invite your customers to share their latest purchase within their friend circle through social media, could extend your brand’s reach with very little effort on your end.

When a customer shares through social media, it contributes 90% more likely to build trust and thus increases purchase.

You can even go further and give your customers a discounted link to share, that will give them a discount on the next buy.

Social media sharing can increase your followers so that you can easily reach them when you advertise for new products, sales or a new piece of content. 

07. Collect customer information from “Thank You Page”:

Collect additional information about the customer like birthdays, product reviews etc, from the “Thank You Page” that is considered to be one of the best places to collect information about your customer after they have made a purchase from you.

  • Collect customer Birthdays:

Collecting customer birthday allows you to send them special birthday gifts in the form of discount coupons or promo codes, and re-engage them with your brand.

Additionally, it makes your customers feel extra special on that day. 

  • Collect reviews:

Reviews are one of the most effective trust boosters when it comes to on-site social proof but collecting them is a challenging task. It is often experienced that customers do not often go back to the store and review the product after purchase.

But if a customer makes a second purchase from your store, you can ask them to leave a review on the products they’ve ordered on previous purchases.

This becomes a little more sophisticated task to know about your customer’s previous purchase and convinces them to leave a review. According to “Spiegel Research Centre” the higher the price of the product the more effect the reviews have on the probability of purchase.


As discussed above, adding “Thank You Page” can boost your eCommerce sales and add more profits through multiple purchases by a single customer.

Moreover, a lot of methods are used to increase conversions for the online store by optimizing the Thank you Page, but it is upto you to make the best use of it for your brand and customers.

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